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Anna Nicole...decision in,

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The judge came to the decision as to where Anna should be buried...with her son in the Bahama's. Actually little Dannilyn has the last word thru the attorney appointed to her. So if the attorney wants to go against this, he can, he will be speaking for the baby. Wierd case but I've been watching it as much as I can. Still waiting to hear who the father is, goodness only knows when we'll hear that news.
post #2 of 15 can the baby have a say in where her mom is buried!?!? Isn't that basically the attorney for the baby can decide where she'll be buried?
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I do not watch court tv, so seeing some of the proceeding was an interesting experience. I have never seen a judge cry like that, and found some of his actions strange...if it weren't that the body has to be interred, I would think this would be appealed.

I do hope they figure out who is the father soon, and get the baby to what I hope will be a stable, permanent home.
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I for one am glad she gets to be buried with her son. I think as far as Anna was concerned that was her true family for many years and there for thats where she should be buried.
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i am happy that she gets to be buried with her son, I think thats the right thing, he was her family...her and howard also have been together or friends or what not for o my sooooo many years I really hope hes the father u can tell he cares sooo much for little danilynn
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I agree with the judge and may ANNA RIP
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That could be the topic of another whole thread. My feeling, honestly? I don't believe that Mr. Stern is the father, and don't care for what I've seen of him.
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I'm glad she's going to rest with her son, but what happens if Howard K. Stern gets kicked out of the Bahamas and/or he's not the father of the baby and she comes to live in the US? To live in the Bahamas you have to have a certain net worth, and it was quite obvious he was living off of Anna for years. There's no guarantee that her estate will get the $475 million (or any portion of it), and if they do Dannilyn might be in college by that point.
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I am glad that she gets to be buried by Daniel. Thats what she would have wanted. I hope that they find out who Dannielynns father is soon. I think it will probably turn ouy to be Larry because the baby looks so much like him.
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I feel so bad for that poor sweet baby! The men that are vying to be named as her father seem to be in it for the estate, which I hear is sizable! What a horrible situation!
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she would have wanted to be with her son. do they know a cause of death yet? it strange
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I couldn't even care less about it. I feel bad for the baby for sure, but thats about it.
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I just wish the media would let her rest in peace...they couldn't leave well alone while she was alive, and now that she's gone, she still hasn't found any solace.

Sure hope that baby is in good hands in the long run.
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I'm glad she is going to be buried with her son. It seems like that would be what she would have wanted.
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I'm sure in a month this will all be forgotten. Actually I had forgot about it until this post. Britney's, shave and tattoo and rehab drama took over.
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