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More shot questions

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YAY Dynah's home from her spay!
The vet tech was going over everything with me, and said that they like to get them on a 3 year rotation for thier "core shots" so they have one set of shots per year. When she says core she means distemper(tri), rabies, and FeLV. I had opted out of the FeLV since my two are indoor only. I asked why it's considered core here and not at home and she gave me this long rant about how she'd never known an indoor cat who never get outside and there are far too many owners who "just let them out", etc. She then said that kenal cough wasn't standard years ago for dogs, but they've added it to their repitore because it's so contagious, just like the FeLV. So now I'm conflicted...I know it's higher sarcoma risk, and I also know she's indoor only, but it's hard to go against vet recomendations.
Secondly, she said that Dynah recieved a 3 year rabies. I was comfortable with that, but she says that she has to get it again in a year, and then every 3 years after that. Is that normal? It seems risky to me.
And finally, the information that I have here for the rabies vax is from Merial, do they make an adjunctivated as well as a non adjunctivated rabies? I looked on their site and couldn't find info one way or another.
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I think it's great that your vet does 3 year rotation at all, many still want to do all the shots yearly.

As Dynah is a kitten it is normal for her to have her complete set of kitten shots, then a booster a year later, then go on to 3 year rotation.

Like you I have mixed feelings about the FeLV vaccine, Radar had it but Sonic didn't. Her point about indoor cats sometimes escaping is a valid one, but the FeLV vaccine isn't fully effective anyway - about 85% effectiveness I believe, so even being vaccinated isn't a guarantee of safety, it just lowers the risk.
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