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Raleigh and Pogue update..

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Well, I didn't want to keep cluttering up the other thread with the "updates" on how these two were doing..

They were drinking out of the same water bowl, that the same time, this morning..

Hissing from Raleigh is very minimal now..
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That's great news!!
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Sounds promising
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Well guys..

We have had Pogue for a week, I think.. Close to it +/-..

Her and Raleigh have already become great friends..

They are getting along fine..

We have a laser pointer we used to play with Raleigh before we got Pogue, well I started using the pointer to try and make them interact with each other.. It has worked like a charm.. At first Raleigh would hiss at Pogue.. Not anymore.. They have been playing, jumping on each other, and acting like kitties..

I think it has helped Raleigh.. Raleigh used to never let me pet her, I bet I have petted her more in this short week than in the entire 1.5 years my wife has had her..

She still will not let me pet her for long, but I am able to pet her none the less.. She seems like a new cat.. Very playful, not as skittish, etc.. Not sure what has happened, but we like it..

I can recommend the separation technique, however, I didn't use it for but a couple'a three days and it seems to have worked..
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I just thought I'd show you guys a quick picture..

We have had the cats together for a little over 2 weeks..

Here is day 1.. Raleigh on the left.. Pogue on the right.. Raleigh is none too happy..


I just took this pic..


I'd say we are lucky and doin very well with these two!

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