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I just just can't belive i have 12 lol . We were going to wait until 6 months but i'm trying to get them all altered now Faith's litter is 14wks and Lilly's is 5wks. We were very excited about Lilly's litter they were born Jan 16th. Faiths were born Nov 13th and they were posted on TCS before i left. But we have adopted out Faiths 2 boys and kept 3 of the girls (lol). We were not planning on having 4 babies from Lilly they were hiding . We had an ultrasound done on her and we only found 2 so i thought we would be fine keeping the 3 girls and then getting rid of Lilly's 2 or only keeping 1. I like females because there not as spunky, all the males i've had are just so wild and jumpy all the time. But we might be keeping 1 of Lilly boys or both. We have 3 males in the house 2 kittens and my baby Dayton.

There all very cute but we drew back the idea on a Bengal now. Its just to over welming for us but maybe down the road when we decide what to do with all the kittens. Troy "really" wanted that bengal though but then again he said the same out Smore and Cookie and we ended up having to give up Smore. I think he's really mad about that but i wont loose 5 kittens to a destructive Siamese male. We got refunded everything including what we payed to have him neatured and oh my god did he spray! O_O it was outragous! It was like a none stop sprinkler down there, so we got him altered asap. She said she might keep him as a pet but really i loved him but not his attuide. We do still have Smore though and she is great, we also took the Faith in to get spayed along with her 3 daughters. The vet didn't want to spay the babies until 6mons but i just want it done and i was researched for awhile that its safe to get them done at 8wks and above.

I'm not getting Lilly done yet i wont be until she weans the babies off. Which will be about 5-6 more weeks but i have no problem male Dayton is altered and all i have is the 2 5wk old kitten males. There not outside cats or anything so i shouldn't have a problem holding them off i didn't with Faith. But i'm going to get her at 3pm i miss her already. Her kittens eat like HORSES! There putting it in the buns i sware lol there not very chubby i was giving them free choice when i started them but there packing it. I started the 14 wk olds on a little raw meat mix they love it. I started a raw diet with everybody they get a can of wet now and then from Innova EVO but thats about it. My vet suggested it and everybody here did as well and they love it. I started the 5wk olds on a little goat milk and canned. They mainly just like licking it for 3 hrs hehe.

I love them and couldn't live with out them. I got married like i said on Valentines Day and i'm a stay at home fur-baby mom . It kind of stinks the enclosure went to waste Troy built it all pretty and expensive for the coming Bengal we were looking to get. But it never happened and winter hit and i'm not about to put one of my beloved babies out in the winter time. Plus every since Lilly had her litter she wont go out THANK GOD, she use to try sneaking out the doggy door little stinker. We had to close up the doggy door which was a pain in the hind because then my great dane would come wake me up in the middle of the night to go potty. But now she doesn't go out so no more waking up at 3am to let out the blue whale.

Everybody is happy the whole bunch:
  • Lilly- Female
  • Faith- Female
  • Dillon- Male
  • Dexter- Male
  • May- Female
  • Daisy- Female
  • Bambi- Female
  • Kelis- Female
  • Charisma-Female
  • Dayton- Male
  • Cookie- Female
  • Tinsel – Female
So thats the main update. Faith is being spayed and so is Tinsel, May and Daisy. Then once the babies are weaned and 8wks or older Lilly, Bambi, Kelis, Dexter and Dillon will be altered . YAY