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Male cat question

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I have a male cat, he's about 1 1/2 years old. well my question is, do male cats go into heat.. I still need to get him fixed, but every now and then he'll start mowing and come around you like he wants attention, but when you try and pet him, he'll bite you and get really irritated. but come back and do it again, we've tried playing with him but that dont seem to be it either.. We have a 2 1/2 year old female cat, which is fixed.... I'm thinking of getting fixed next week though.. I know its a little over due. and with work and stuff just havent really had the chance (i know, excuses excuses lol..) But would that be whats going on with him?
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he very well may smell an unfixed female cat that's in heat in the area, and he's uh, getting a little randy I'd get him fixed as soon as you can because he may start spraying and you really don't want to deal with that-phew! stinky
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Male cats don't go into heat, they have nothing to go through a cycle with.
He's just wanting to be a male kitty, since he's inside he doesn't get to do this so he's probably a bit confused. Maybe a bit like a confused teenager.
Hopefully you can get him neutered soon before any bad behaviors such as spraying start.
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He hasn't sprayed in your house yet???? He doesn't go in heat like females do, but I'm willing to bet he smells an outside unspayed female in heat. Be very careful he doesn't go outside or he will find the female and may get beat up in the process.

Make sure you get him neutered ASAP - and he still can get females pregnant for about a month after being neutered, so keep him inside.
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o.k. that cleared up most of that. i thought male cats didnt go into heat but just wierd that he does this about 2 a month which does make sence to the unfixed female cuz my female cat did go into heat about 2 times a month i think, i cant remember. and boy, does Kitty get mad at Noah (the male cat) when he gets close to her right now.. thanks for the info and next week we're getting him fixed.
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