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cat litter

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what is the best litter that i can buy in the uk that is dust free?
but also clumps?
i have 6 cat trays and go through quite a bit of litter, so nothing to expensive but nothing that is cheep either unless its good lol. i normally use
something called light weight. for 5kgs it only costs £3.00 ( which is cheep) but for that size litter it only last me a day. so something that is more expensive but will work out better in the long run would be great. it says its a clumping litter , but it isnt so i have to change the trays daily. plus a few have been sneezing so i am trying new stuff to see if i can find the cause ( yes they have been to the vets) and im also getting a new filter for the hoover and changing it more often. thanx for any help
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I'll move this to care and grooming, but i use "Sainsbury's Ultra Clumping Litter" and it's brilliant Wilkinsons also do their own clumping litter and that's really good as well and it's only something like £1.28 a bag
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I like the Golden Grey or Golden Grey Master: http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/c...ies/cat_litter It clumps very well, isn't dusty, and is very economical - one bag lasts me at least a month (for one cat).
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thanx for putting it in the right thread , i wasnt to sure lol
i will have a look at them both and there cheeper then my one i use now , and sound so much better , thanx alot guys
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