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I just took it and I'm afraid what the answer will be. I know it's not going to be good, lol
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I'm 44 and will be turning 45 on March 1st.
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Not as bad as I expected. I'm 19 1/2 (as of August 10), and my RealAge is 20.0. So I'm relieved, lol
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My age is 35, but it's telling me my Real age is 37. I didn't know how to answer the exercise question as I haven't been in to going to the gym in a long time, however I keep very active at work and I try to walk alot. Plus I do do yoga when i'm in the mood. So I'm in pretty good shape. People think I'm younger than I actually am.
So it's telling me I should exercise more often to get younger in 90 days. Does that mean that the fine lines I am starting to see a little will disapear!!!
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Didn't lose much ground with my illness! My chronological age is almost 54 (this July) - real age is 46.7.
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My e-mail is on the way. I'm only 17 (going on 18) and you have to be at least 19, so I used my boyfriend's birthday (he's 19 going on 20). I don't know how much that'll effect it, but I'll use my real age to figure the difference.

If anyone finds one that's a little friendlier to us young folks, I'd appreciate it.
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There are a few things about the test that don't make sense. It said one of the "ageing" items was because I am on meds.

If I wasn't on thyroid, asthma meds, and hydroxocobalamin, then I wouldn't have enough thyroid and B-12 in my body, and would be much more at risk for an asthma attack.

If I didn't even know I had these conditions, or they were untreated, my "real age" would be lower?

Don't think so...

It also didn't ask very many details about diet, which is extremely important in my experience.
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I just did the first bit - I'm 26 but my real age is 24.6!
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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
I just did the first bit - I'm 26 but my real age is 24.6!
It gets worse as you go on. I went from 31 to 37 in about 15 minutes.
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I'm waiting, but the last time I looked at the top of that page it said "18.1" but that I'm actually 21.6.
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My calendar age is 30.8 and my real age is 23.2

Yep, I feel like I am younger than I actually am - I don't know why.
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I'm 25 and my real age is 22 I knew my real age would be less
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real chronilogical age 29.5

real age via the test 26.2
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Real age: 22.8

Real age via test: 26.6

..... great
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Calender age-21.5

No wonder Trav thinks I'm immature
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