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does anybody own an oiental???
does anybody know alot about them as i'm after one and i've heard they're terrors!!!
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Sorry - I do not have an answer for you - but am moving this to the Breeders Forum, where you will get some answers!
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Actually, they aren't really terrors..

They are very inquisitive, have a boundless reserve of energy and LOVE to talk..

If they are raised with lots of love, they will do fine.
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I own two Oriental Shorthairs, a Black Smoke neuter named Duncan and a Silver Ticked Tabby neuter named Danny Boy.

It is a wonderful breed - very active and talkative. Very little shedding, and very clean.

While it is my favorite breed and I am partial - they are not for everyone. When someone says they want a breed that is very active, talks a lot, and is in to everything, I tell them to make sure they know what they are wishing for!

There are Orientals that are EXTREMELY vocal, intense and fearless, like my Duncan, and Orientals that are a little mellower and on the shy side, like Danny Boy. Each cat is an individual, but all of them are very loving and tend to get very attached to one member of the family. They greet visitors at the door and get right into their laps. They love when company comes over.

I show mine at cat shows. Duncan, especially loves it. He thrives on the excitement and all the attention he gets.

If you are looking for a reputable breeder - email me privately and I can put you in contact with someone.

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If you are familiar with the Siamese, you would be familiar with the Orientals. It's the very same cat, only they come in just about every color.
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I have a little mixed breed that looks and acts Oriental. He is 8 months old now and his coat is becoming more beautiful by the day! It is very sleek and glossy - like black satin!

You can see the siamese lines in his body structure, and he loves to talk! He is so funny - when he wants something (food, to go out, etc) he becomes a Romeo and tries to seduce me into doing his bidding. He purrs and rubs and purrs some more!

I tried having just one siamese mix...it didn't work out. They are so intelligent and so active, that one just gets bored when home alone. I was having behavior problems. I have three now and they are very happy together. If you get an Oriental, or any Siamese, be sure they have a little buddy! You will all be much happier!

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