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Should a British Royal Serve in Iraq

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So theres a major debate hitting the news in the UK today, should Prince Harry go to the front line. Heres a news link

He wants to go and I think he should, hes trained (by use of tax-payers money) and whilst he is 3rd in line to the throne.....I bet your bottom dollar he´ll be protected, even though they all say he wont be given special treamtment.

But the other side of the argument is that he would be targeted by kidnappers, suicide bombers.. etc and he will put the rest of his regiment in more danger

The last royal to serve was Prince Andrew in the Falklands
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Yes i think he should and good on him for wanting to as well There was a former RAF pilot on breakfast t.v. this morning who served in Iraq when it first kicked off a few years ago who said, "If they don't think he should be in the frontline then he shouldn't have been allowed to join".

But as far as him saying he wanted to be treat like any other soldier, somehow i can't see that happening?.
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yes he should! and good for him wanting to. If hes enlisted. than he should take his assignment like anyone else.
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He's a soldier and he should do what soldiers DO. His antecedents have all served in the military and, if he wants to go, he should.
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Yup - he joined up and definitely should be allowed to go. And good for him!
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Another Yea vote here. Absolutely he should, if that's where his unit is sent. Kudos to him for his willingness to serve.
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I agree with what eveyone has said so far. He joined so he should go.
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He want s to Let him
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I agree, let him go.
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Yup send him off if he wants to go.

I do agree with the special protection. It may not be apparent, but who in the Royal Army wants to go down in history as the guy that allowed Prince Harry to die? (Which hopefully doesn't happen!)
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Kudos to Prince Harry for going to Iraq!!
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I think the other members of his regiment should have a say, as his presence will heighten the risk for them.
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I think it's great that he wants to go BUT I don't think he should go. There isn't a safe spot in Iraq. There are no lines drawn that say this is a safe zone. IMO he is going to be a walking target with a big bull-eye on his back. His unit/division should have a say in whether it's too big a risk for him to go.
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I'm sick and tired of seeing poor working class lads going out to fight and die simply because they believe that the army is a way out of poverty...
So I say yes, let Harry go out to Iraq and make him fight on the frontline
I have no love for Royalty if people hadn't gathered
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I think it good thing he wants to go but I'm worried he would cause his entire regiment extra danger. That doesn't seem fair to the others. I don't know I guess I will reserve judgment for now.
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
I'm sick and tired of seeing poor working class lads going out to fight and die simply because they believe that the army is a way out of poverty...
Well they must be very misguided lads then...because we all know the army is no
way out of poverty..
It could not possibly be because the 'working class' lads want to fight for their Queen and Country could it
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What an outstanding example he is for the rest of the world. If only our nations leader's children would follow his lead (NOT).
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Why shouldn't he? It's a freedom he is allowed. He has trained hard & deserves his chance if he wants to!
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The way I see it he signed up for service,thats no different than any other lad or lass.
He's doing what he knows is his duty for any serving member of Her Majestys' Forces.
He already is a target for terrorists so serving his Queen and country will not make
any difference to that.

Lord Mountbatten was blown up by the terrorist scum of the ira when he wasn't even
serving,yet he was still 'fair game ' to the terrorist scum.So it doesn't matter what they
do or don't do.

Go get afew terrorists Harry.....before they get you!!
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According to an article, in yesterday's paper, he WILL be deploying with his unit.
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