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Originally Posted by berylayn View Post
I just read this whole thread and I was so happy to hear that it was not cancer! We are battling something similar with our Lilly right now. We have a biopsy this Wed for a bad tooth/mass in her mouth.

I am also currently battling the meds problem. Tonight Lilly has not had her antibiotic because when I tried to restrain her she bit me. I am going to try squirting it in food tonight and see if that helps...

Here's to your girl's full recovery!!
Good luck adding the meds to Lilly's food. Palekana always notices when I try that trick and refuses to eat.

I feel so helpless trying to give meds I know will help her. She fights and struggles so much that it creates extra stress that she doesn't need.
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Noel notices if I don't give her something with a lot of "juice"... I had to medicate her this morning (she had to have minor surgery on her foot because she got something in her paw and it got infected..no wonder she's been in a foul mood lately)... anyway.. the tactic I use for her is getting a really small amount of wet food with a ton of juice (usually meow mix select or the packets of meow mix like "maine attraction"), put a spoon of wet in, with all the juice I can get, and mix her meds into the juice. This works best if she's hungry, so I have to restrict her dry intake. But she ate it all, and got her full dose of pain meds and antibiotics this morning.

Good luck with it! It's the only way I can get her to take them, barring me coming out with huge scratches and a really p/o'd kitty and half the meds on the floor.
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p.s. As a side note.. she's a fiend about eating certain wet foods and meow mix is one of the few she'll eat unless she's really desperate.
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