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MEGA vibes needed for Palekana

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I know that I don't post here often but my Palekana girl needs a MEGA dose of those famous TCS vibes.

First, a short history. I posted about a month ago that Palekana seemed to be having trouble chewing or swallowing her food. At that time the vet found a small sore in her mouth. In case there was an infection antibiotics were prescribed. I tried multiple ways to get the meds down Palekana's throat with no success. In spite of that the sore was healed at her next exam but she was still having trouble eating. Time for a blood panel. Two of her liver values were low and her white cell count was elevated. My vet consulted another vet who is a cat specialist about the low liver values. The cat specialist said that is usually not a cause for concern. However, since Palekana was still exhibiting the same difficulty eating and has already lost 2lbs. the vet decided it was time for x-rays at a minimum and possibly a endoscopy. In order to avoid sedating her twice we decided to do both at once. My vet does not have an endoscope so she referred me to a vet who does.

So, Palekana had her x-rays and endoscopy today. The x-rays show a stricture in her esophagus. Apparently the esophagus is opening but may not be opening as wide as it should. OK- that fits with her eating behavior. The endoscopy shows a mass in the pylorus area of the stomach. This is the area where the stomach attaches to the small intestine. I saw the pictures from the endoscopy and the mass looks fairly large. Biopsies were taken. It may take as long as a week to get the results depending on how busy the lab is. Naturally, I'm thinking the worst so that I'll be prepared for the worst. I'm thinking cancer, surgery, chemo, feeding tube. Now it's wait and worry.

My poor Palekana. She's hungry and wants to eat but can only manage a few very small bites at a time. She's losing weight rapidly and isn't my perky, active Palekana. Fortunately her "tortitude" is still basically intact. I told her tonight that she'll need every bit of that "tortitude" to get through this.

Palekana has always been special to me because I found her outside the office building where I worked at the time. She was a scrawny little thing, about six months old but small for her age. Now she has lost so much weight that she looks like the scrawny Palekana I rescued eight years ago. In fact, her name means rescued in Hawaiian.

So if Palekana can have some of those famous TCS vibes we'd both appreciate it. Sorry for the length of this post.
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Your darlin Palekana is being cloaked in healing light at this very moment... and she'll stay in my thoughts until she's pulled through this. Bless you both.

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Sending lots of prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Palekana, I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us updated on her.

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Sending lots of snuggles and lovey vibes for your Palekana
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Lots and lots of positive energy flowing to Palekana from the other side of the pacific!

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Lots of positive vibes and get well wishes for your darling Palekana.
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Oh Jean ........... sending MEGA VIBES for Palekana and for you! Will keep you close in my thoughts and prayers
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Lots of ]]]vibes[[[ and
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Lots of get well vibes
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for Palekana! I hope it's not something too serious.
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Oh what a sad situation It is so frustrating when our babies are sick.
Here's some good vibes that its not cancer and it can be taken care of soon
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{{{MEGA VIBES}}} coming Palenka's way!
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the poor little thing.

**sending good vibes for palekana**
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oh my, well heres whizzing tons & tons of mega healthy, healing ((((((( vibes ))))) for sweet Palenkana

and some big & from me & my kitty crew
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Hoping Palekana gets well soon. In the meantime,
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More good news and healing vibes coming from our house to you both.
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Mega healing vibes and prayers for Palekana. May her tortitude get her through this.
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sending prayers and get well vibes by the truck loads.
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Thank you to all for the vibes and good wishes. My girl is not feeling well today. She's been hiding under an upholstered chair in the living room most of the day. She shows no interest in eating. She did eat a little bit after we got home from the vet last night. I'm going to try again later to persuade her to eat.

The good news is that I was able to syringe some meds into her this morning. The meds are supposed to help sooth her little tummy. Syringing anything into Palekana is a struggle. She does not like to be restrained or forced to do anything. She is supposed to take the meds twice a day for 14 days. We'll see what happens tonight.
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Poor baby It was probably easier to medicate her because she's really not feeling good.
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Continued prayers and thoughts for Palekana
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what about syringing some broth or thinned out baby food? might help... vibes & prayers on the way!
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Poor Palekana.
I second Laureen's suggestion about syringing some food into her, if she'll let you of course.
Good luck with the treatment.
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Baby food works wonders... I've never seen a kitty resist baby food chicken. Just be sure it doesn't have any onions or spices in it.

Continuing to send light and love to Palekana...
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Thanks for the continuing vibes. The baby food idea may work. I had forgotten about that.

I got most of her meds into her tonight. A little medication got on her rather than in her and a little got on me but the majority is in her. She now knows what's coming so she fought more than she did this morning. That's my Palekana girl. At least she wasn't mad at me. She let me pick her up for a cuddle as soon as I finished syringing her.

I received more information about the results of the x-rays today. There is something unusual about the small intestine where it attaches to the stomach or the pancreas. The vet was a little unclear about it because she is not sure what it is. She may need a more specific x-ray in order to make a final determination. At this point the vet wants to wait for the biopsy results. Something else to worry about.
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Still sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Palekana, I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us updated on her.

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Well, she is definitely feeling better today. The meds to soothe her stomach seem to be working. She's eating more than she has in the last month. She's not eating enough but it's a huge improvement.

I was not able to syringe the meds into her today. She's feeling stronger and is fighting me every step of the way. This morning I finally got the syringe in her mouth, pressed the plunger and she moved. So, 2cc. of the 3cc she is supposed to have ended up on me. At that point I decided to try hiding it in her food. The vet said that was alright. I mixed the 1cc. remaining in a small amount of food and she ate it. Yea! It took two or three trips to the food dish but she ate it. I mixed some more meds later and hid it in more food. She only got part of that down. I think the food sat around too long, plus I refrigerated it for a while. Seems she's not fond of "leftovers". Tomorrow I'll try small amounts of food with small amounts of meds throughout the day.

Thanks again for all the good wishes. I'll report as soon as I hear about the biopsy results.
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I am so glad she is starting to eat! That is a very good sign.
I wish there was some way to communicate the necessity of medicine to them, but it looks like you have come up with a way to get it to her. Continued vibes and prayers
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I'm glad she's feeling better
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It's good to hear that she's getting stronger. Hopefully she'll keep eating the meds in her food and keep getting better.
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