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Pet therapy

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I was wondering if anyone else on here has had a pet therapy cat or even looked into it?
I took my spice today and the director at our pet therapy site says she is a perfect candidate for it.Here is her pic again for ppl who havent seen her.

I took Princess too but she is way to independent for that kind of stuff
Ohh ya iam not sure if this was the right place to post it if not it can be moved.
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I've really wanted to do that. I am getting a Maine Coon kitten sometime soon hopefully (well not THAT soon, can't find any breeders with what I'm looking for!) and hoping I can socialize my kitten and prepare for animal assisted therapy!
My dog is a therapy dog, we work with 2 different organizations and it's like she was born for it. I'd love to have a cat I could do that with also!
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Kinda working on that myslef for the residents where I work. Hoping to take the cats to work next week for their first visit, and see how they do.
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That's great!! Spice is gorgeous too.
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my aunt and uncle have a bull mastiff who is an awsome therapy dog and works at the hospital where they live.
He has to do lots of testing and has lots of requirements for it. is it the same for cats?
i'm in school to become a recreational therapist...maybe we can join forces some day!
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Pet therapy is used in a lot of Long term care facilties around here. It helps improve the residents emotions seeing a pet walking around, and they love to give a bit of attn to the animals. Their faces light up and they see the pets, it is wondeful. Pet therapy is great for anyone of any age, I am using it for myself as well. It brings back the days when residents had pets, and gets them thinking about hteir past pets too. Some facilities even have gone as far as having a house pet, that is able to roam all over the facility, which I think is a great idea. Overall, pet therapy has a lot of benefits, not only for the handler, and the pet, but the people who receive the "therapy".
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Both my little ones are therapy cats... and I'm their patient.
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when Abi was younger she was an excellent therapy cat, She also was used to de-sensitize a client with a very serious cat phobia. Once she hit adolescence I couldn't count on her being so chummy and attentive to others. Oh well.
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