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Wife swap?

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Does anyone else watch this show? I started watching recently... This week's was kinda crazy-- a 'neat freak' vs a woman who feeds her kids raw meat!
I thought both families were way too extreme but I guess that's what the show is all about... I was hoping maybe they'd both learn to be a little more moderate (not wanting to use harsh chemicals to clean is one thing, but to NEVER clean because of that?? There are natural cleaners available people!) but at the end of the show they both said that their swap just made them feel that they were on the right track.

Anyone else see that episode?
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I watched it. I thought I was going to puke when they said that they sometimes not only eat raw meat...but raw meat that has been sitting in the fridge forever...then the dad ate some. I didn't get the whole brushing their teeth with butter and clay thing either...why butter? I would rather live with the neat family.

I love that show. They find some crazy people out there.
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That sounds a bit extreme!

I watch it when its on and when im home Usually its about bikkering how dirty ones house is, and how to raise the other children!
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