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I need a HUGE Favor from Everyone

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Well I may be needing some huge Vibes for My Daughter. She was in the Hospital for 5 days with an infection in her left Breast, They did Surgery on it to drain it and scrap it, the tissue that they tested was negative at that point.
She had a follow up appointment this morning witch she thought was for a check on how it was healing and the Dr told her that was part of it when she got there.
They found a suspicious lump on Ultra Sound behind where the infection was and she said she did not want to cut into it while there was so much infection. She didn't want that to spread any further, Plus she is Diabetic and that makes it worse for healing.
She also said that the blood work they did was not good and of course My daughter didn't think to ask anything, I would have gone with her had I known it was more then a checkup. She said something about a Tumor Marker count I guess its not good.
She is going to have to wait till the infection is gone and the swelling before she has a Mammogram around 6 to 8 weeks so I am going to ask for some Vibes for her that it isn't Cancer. She is 43 years old and has had a troubled life for quit awhile and was finally doing really good. I think she feels this is a payback of sorts and I told her no that has nothing to do with it. Hopefully it's just from the infection and nothing more, But I know how the Vibes from this board have helped many People so that's what I am asking for...Thanks in Advance and I will update if she gets any other news or gets to go sooner for the other tests.. To Everyone here
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You got it Lois...Sending many vibes for your daughter and lots of hugs for you
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and more from me to Shelley and you. She will just have to be strong. And so will you.

{{{vibes}}} for things to go well for her.
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Oh Lois - I'm so sorry to hear this. Mega vibes going out to your daughter - I hope it doesn't turn out to be cancer! }}}}}}}}}}}
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Prayers and hugs for the both of you.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for your daughter halfpint, and I am sending you some too.

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Many prayers and vibes coming from here.

I am praying that you have good news for us.
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Oh Lois I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers and you, too!
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Your daughter is deffinately in my prayers!
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Sending many prayers
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Keeping your daughter and you in my thoughts and sending lots of vibes.
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Oh Lois, I will keep her in my prayers
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you got it! lots of good thoughts and prayers are coming you and your daughter's way!!
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Lois, vibes and prayers for your daughter and for you and calming vibes for both of you also...You know we are all here for you Lois, try to stay positive
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I hope everything goes well for your daughter. Waiting for tests and results can be very gruelling in itself. My mother is going through something similiar right now.
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Sending out lots of positive vibes
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Sending Prayers and good Vibes your daughters way. The waiting and worring are the worse part!
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Your daughter is in our prayers as well.
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No problem Lois! Here are the *biggest vibes* I can muster! Oh, and Leo, Gracie and Raphie also send their vibes!
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Lots of {{{vibes}}} &
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Sending good vibes and hugs your way. I will pray for you and for your daughter
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
You got it Lois...Sending many vibes for your daughter and lots of hugs for you
For sure!!
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Lois- i will keep your daughter (and you!- i know you're worrying over this) in my prayers. Please keep us updated. I'm sending lots of vibes her way ((((VIBES!!!!!))))
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I am sorry Lois, your daughter is in my thoughts.
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Thank You Guys so so Much your the best
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just coming to this.............all my very best thoughts and positive vibes for your daughter, she´s in the right place and will get the best attention she needs Hang on in there, you know we are all here for you if you need a 'download'
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lots of ]]]vibes[[[ and comimg your way.
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Lots and lots and lots of positive energy going your way from over here!

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Lois sending over ((((((((((HUGE HEALTHY VIBES)))))))))) for your daughter.

You know ALL of us are beside you at a time like this, so if you want to sound off about it just do it, that's what were here for
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Lois, I am adding her to my prayers also.I am so sorry!!!I hope it is just a simple infection and will go away soon and not cause any problems for her.HUGS!!!
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