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Giant so disgusting

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Today i had to pull out a worm that was hanging out of my poor cats anus. When i went to the vet they said it was probably roundworms but when i research it looks more like a tape worm flat with small indents.

But the thing is this worm was HUGE at least a foot long! I am reading on the net they are tiny everywhere how on earth did this worm grow so huge? When i first noticed it i thought it reminded me of afterbirth.
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Note NEVER PULL anything out of the cat... You are very lucky that you didnt hurt the kitty... Worms feed off the cats sorry...
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Sorry your cat is having problems. I may have learned wrong but I thought tape worms grew and grew and eventually could take over a cats intestines etc.? Did the vet give you some thing to deworm?

Here's some information. I didn't look all the way through it but it looks pretty comprehensive.

Tape Worms
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Mi-ke had a worm just recently. Everything I read suggested that they weren't particularly dangerous if the cat was grown and healthy (sick cats or small kittens would be more of an issue). Basically, the cat's always going to eat more than enough cat food to feed the worm and itself with no problem. But it's still gross. Mi-ke was leaving segments everywhere--they were coming out of her butt. So the vet's assistant gave her some pills, and voila, no more worm. The main idea is to keep them free of fleas, as fleas are the root cause of the problem (fleas eat tapeworm eggs, and if a cat accidentally swallows a worm-fueled flea while grooming, the egg will get into her tummy and grow).
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^^Yeah, look for segments. Little white bits in your cats droppings, that would indicate tapeworm infestation. I dont know about roundworm. Did you save the worm? I'd bring that in to the vet if you did. Thats really gross, I'd hate to see something dangling out of my cats butt...

Not as bad as what happened to my moms dog when she was a young girl, he ate a wool sock that ended up sticking out his back end for a few days. They threw away the sock and the dog was fine.
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