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I also got the job!

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Well, one of them anyway. And not the one I REALLY need and REALLY want, but it'll be a nice steady paycheck and a nice little supplement...

and it's with some of the best musicians in the whole city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be working part-time (because teaching, while wonderful, does not come with benefits) as Administration and Development Coordinator...fancy title for the same thing I do at Tree House, only with fewer responsibilities and more pay. The best part is is that it starts as soon as I can! Which mean....I CAN QUIT MY HORRID BABYSITTING JOB!!!!!

Basically, I get to talk to donors, squirrel away money for the organization, do all the little administrative stuff, coordinate our free noon concerts for the schoolchildren (and give the children a lesson in classical music and how to be a good audience member), work as House Manager at our concerts and hang out with Grammy-wiining musicians from the CSO and other equally amazing ensembles in the city!

So, it's right up my alley and provides an amazing opportunity to meet some people and supplement my performance/instruction income.

Your vibes have meant so much!

But I still need some...the teaching gig....which is the one I need if I want to eat next interviewing me on 2/28! All the "get the gig" vibes I can still find are MUCH APPRECIATED!
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Good deal! Vibes for the teaching gig too!
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Thats my girl!! Good job
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YAY for new jobs!!!
I got a new one too, i started it about 5 weeks ago...
its called sleeping 10 hrs a day! or sleeping your days away as I call it.
its great! You get bed head, morning sickness which starts in the afternoon and two kitties who INSIST on sleeping with you and taking up the whole bed.

But congrats! I bet you'll get alot out of this new job!
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Congratulations Allie
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Wahoo! Glad to hear you got this one!
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Congrats on everyones new jobs!! I know you all will be the best at what you are starting.
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congrats, hope you will enjoy the new job. Best wishes everything works out.
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Congratulations on the new job and good luck on the job that you want. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Congratulations Allie
You know what this means, right????


Believe it!
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That's wonderful news Allie!!!!! Congradulations!!! I was hoping you would find one you liked!!!!!!
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Great so far! Good vibes for hte next stage.
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Good luck on the 28th also!
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good show Allie!! best of luck on the next interview too!!
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Congrats on this job and good luck on the 28th!!!
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Way to go Allie!!!
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That's awesome, Allie! Sending lots of good luck vibes for your next interview.
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congrats, thats wonderful news I am still sending u some good vibes for the 28th
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Congratulations, Allie! I hope the teaching job works out for you as well.
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Congrats!! Why in such a hurry to quit the babysitting job?
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