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? regarding transfer of registrations

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Hello all,

I had a woman contact me today, a first time breeder, she wrote me a long email about an awful situation she had got herself into with another breeder, who went out of business, as she was buying an adult cat with breeding rights.
My question that I couldn't answer for her was regarding "TCA" cat association. I looked it up, and in my opinion, it doesn't look reputable at all. Her cat is apparently registered in this assocation and she hopes to transfer this cat into TICA. I have never heard of this association, and TICA is closed at this time or I would call them and ask. My PDF format is having errors, when I go to the TICA registration rules page, so that is what brings me here to ask if any of you know about TCA, and primarilly if TICA or CFA recognizes this "cat association".

Thank you in advance.
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Unfortunately, no, none of the more mainstream associations recognize pedigrees from TCA. Unless the cat has registry with other, reciprocal associations, this woman is sadly out of luck.
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Not that I know of. You'd have to call the differenet associations and double check.

I'm willing to bet its a backyard breeder type and the same kind of puppy mill associations that have sprung up.

CFA will recognize some foreign associations (like those in Great Britian or Australia as legit associations with pedigree papers. But I really don't think this cat can be registered from TCA.

I looked at that association too. Its a registry mainly for those traditional type of cats that breeders don't want to subscribe to the written standards in other associations. Many of them would be considered as "pet quality" in normal breeds. Also there is no written standard - just a general description/background of the cats. They "claim" to have shows but no real listing up upcoming shows - only so called "results". That tells me its not a legit association - just another money making one that rips people off.
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Hi Gaye,

Thank you for letting me know. After viewing the TCA site, I did assume she wouldn't be able to transfer, but I did want to have fact before I told her.

There is more to her side of the story, I don't know of the breeder she is speaking of, so I also know there is 2 sides to every story. However, if half of what this woman says is true, she was decieved many times.

I just wanted to help her in finding out TICA rules.

The only good thing to this story, is she says she did learn a lesson, unfortunately the hard way, and has decided not to breed until she learns a little more and might will try in a couple of years, when she knows more about the breed and breeding in general. She also will have Momma and babies speutered prior to placing. That was a relief.

Another quick question, the Momma cat is very aggressive, before and after she has delievered, I feel the longer the kittens stay with Momma, the more they may become shy and "feral" acting, like the mother, but I also feel that Ragdolls should stay with Mom and littermates for at least 10 weeks, but I thought I may should look at this more as a rescue situation, in that case would it be in her best interest to take the kittens from Momma at 4-5 weeks when they can eat solids, and can be socialized with humans, or should she let the Momma stay around and her do her best in socializing the kittens and hopefully helping to socilaize the Momma as well? Any suggestions of what I should tell her would be appreciated. I will also share with her this site, and if she does want to still consider breeding, she can learn a lot from all of you.

Thank you again, Gaye, I hope you are having a good week. (((Virtual Hugs)))
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I have the feeling this "breeder" kept her cats caged most of the time with little association - probably similar to a kitten mill situation from what you describe.

In this case it may be wise to take the kittens away a little sooner and really concentrate on socialization with other cats, people, dogs for a better kitten. However, given the circumstances, there is no guarentee they still will not be like the mother - sometimes personality can be a little "genetic". I wish her luck; glad she is spaying the mom and babies.

I know of a cornish rex breeder outside the Wash DC area that I would consider a kittne mill or backyard breeder. Her cats are NOT socialized at all - kept in small cages, little human contact and because of this the breeder lets them go to new homes at 8 WEEKS old. If you know cornish rexes, there is no way the kittens are ready at that age - they are barely weaned at 6-7 weeks. If this breeder keeps the kittens longer (12-16 weeks as they should) then the kittens are unable to really be handled!
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Wow, that's a shame. I am sorry she had to learn this lesson the hard way, honestly I am. It makes me so mad when things like this happen because it really puts a bad name upon ALL of us who breed (even though I am not actively breeding anymore, I still "feel" like a breeder ).

I think the best advice anyone could give a person in her situation would be to contact the registry association she would like to support and see if there is a mentoring program there for her chosen breed. If not, she can certainly look at their breeders listing and see if there isn't someone closeby to her with whom she could establish a trusting relationship.

As for the kittens, that's a tough call. I am all for leaving the babes with Momma, not only for the added immunity that nursing gives them until they are old enough for their first kitten shots, but also because Momma teaches them how to eat and use the litter. But, I completely understand that she can also teach them her own "bad" habits too. If it were me, I might wait to separate the babies until 1) they were completely eating and using the litter consistantly on their own and 2) old enough to receive at least the first of the kitten-series of vaccines. Is there another, less shy cat from whom they could learn?
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Gaye, I'm an retired breeder too - so I understand your feelings. I still have the knowledge even tho I'm not currently breeding
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Gaye, I'm an retired breeder too - so I understand your feelings. I still have the knowledge even tho I'm not currently breeding
It is a strange sort of feeling, though, isn't it? I mean, I do have knowledge, that much will never go away, I suppose. And I suppose that Tonka (being that he is still whole and is currently, literally as we speak offering his ummmm ... services ... to a lovely little lilac point girl in visiting) will be carrying on what I started at least for a little while to go.

I am so behind on my posting ... I keep meaning to tell you how gorgeous your new little man Charlie is ... seeing his picture in your siggy makes me smile.
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Thank you - I want another oci..... a chocolate silver. DH says NO but I know he'll let me have one after retirement. I do miss having the little babies around, watching them grow, and handing them over to loving homes.

But I don't have the time/money to do breeding any more - so we just enjoy the fun of cat and dog ownership. If Charlie gets his grand (we are not trying too hard), I'll be happy; but if he decides he really doesn't want to do the travelling; he does enjoy the shows, then so be it. He's got 2 fancy kitten final ribbons we'll hang on the wall
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