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To Sandie

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Just wanted to say glad to see you online and posting. Here's hoping that you are feeling better, and that things are starting to calm down for you.

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Thank you very much. Yes, I am feeling better this weekend. Things are still rough with hubbys mood swings, but I am sure he will even out soon. It was just too many things in one week for me. I went into overload. Today helped too, I spent 5 hours detailing my car and got lots of energy out. I am glad to be back on the site now, so much to read up on!! Its nice to have a place to come and relax.
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this post reminded me about what i like most about this place, how caring everyone is. i am so touched by how much the people on this site care and reach out.
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Sandie...I am glad you are doing better! *hugs*
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Thats one great thing about here for me. We are in the military and have had so many people move and we have moved as well. I have not managed to keep a long term friend. It seems they write and call for ahwile and then they stop. I have always been dissapointed by this. It's difficult because most of the time, theres nobody to call and vent to. Thanks for listening to my problems when I need it guys!
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Hi, I just registered on this site today and have enjoyed reading the threads. I don't know why you were feeling poorly, but am glad to hear you are feeling better.

The mood swing thing with your significant other sounds like our house. I think it's a "40's" thing with males. I am 7 years older than my husband and have had no problem with the age thing - he seems to be having a terrible time. When our daughter turned 20, he had a miserable day - I guess he realized he was getting older or something.

When he's having a "bad" day, I just smile and say "yes, dear". This has been going on for about 1 and 1/2 years. I hope he gets over it soon! I'm tired of saying "yes, dear". Ah, well, in all other respects he's a great guy, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

Good luck with yours!

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Thank you very much for the support. I guess it is a double whamie. He just turned 40 and he has kidney disease right now. He is 13 years older than I am, so I guess its a good thing I am young enough to put up with it!!
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