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Litterboxes and 2 kittens

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Hello all I've been reading the forums and learning a lot! But there are so many haha. If my question has been covered, could you please direct me to the post?

I have 2 kittens:
1. Palas - approx 5mos; male
2. DeeDee - approx 2-3mos (I think they said she was older than she was); female

Do I need to buy a different shaped or colored litterbox for her so they will know whose is whose? Do I need to buy 2 more boxes instead of just 1? Should I place their boxes in different rooms?

I bought Palas a covered litterbox and he's used that without fail ever since I got him which is about 2 mos ago. When DeeDee becomes big enough to use a covered litterbox (the doorway is up higher than her head right now), that's what I'm going to get for her. Palas was very territorial when I first brought DeeDee home so I don't think he'll go for her using his box. Also, he tried to take over her tiny uncovered litterboxes and I had to guard her for a few weeks while she used them.

Palas's litterbox is shaped like this for the most part:

Right now, DeeDee is using the cheap uncovered pans from walmart because she was so tiny when I got her.
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i would start with two litter boxes for your two kitties and they don't need to be the same shape or color but same is better for all sorts of reasons - covered/uncovered (sometimes cats don't like covered)

make sure the box is big enough for the kittens

if you want to try two different litters now is as easy of a time as ever. fill one with one kind and the other with the other kind and see which they prefer.

you may need to add another box if you find that they both need their own boxes to pee and poop in.

from my experience i need three for my two kittens
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I think more then one pan is better if the older one is acting picky now Are they both spayed/neutered? If not, please get them done very soon (they are both old enough).

The covered pans are larger and harder to get into, so I'd have both kinds next to each other.
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Yes, Palas gets neutered on Tuesday. I had to make his appointment a month and a half in advance at the low cost spay/neuter clinic that is $25 to get done. But they won't take em until they are atleast 4 mos old. They are so packed that when you call in to schedule, you usually can't get an appointment for 2 mos.

But with DeeDee, I think they told me she was older than she was at the rescue. They also told me Palas was female and DeeDee's cage was marked male...hmm. I signed a promissary note that I would have them both neutered/spayed by 7mos so I still have time, but DeeDee isn't old enough yet. She's way smaller than Palas was at 3 mos...if they got his age right. Believe me, I don't want any spraying and I waited until I was financially stable enough to afford vaccinations and sterilizations before adopting.

DeeDee has pretty much learned everything from Palas...even how to cover her stuff in the litterbox. I think she will take to the covered box just fine like he did. I ended up getting her a 3rd litterbox for the livingroom because she wasn't making it back to the bathroom nor the extra bedroom where her original 2 boxes were. But since, I started closing the bathroom door and then removed that box and she's been fine with the remaining two.

I'm moving to a townhouse this weekend. My ideal situation would be two litterboxes max. But I'm more than willing to take care of more to save my carpet and my sanity.
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gosh this sounds like a recipie for kittens. i'd be very very very careful with the two. they are never 'too young' ...
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well I'll let you know if I have kittens

Anymore suggestions for litterboxes?
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Ideally, you should have 1 more litter box than you have cats, so 3 litter boxes would be great! I have 2 cats, 3 boxes and all are used tho not everyday.

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I have 2 cats, and 2 litterboxes. I find that they use both of them interchangably. And both will use the same litter box as well. They even eat and drink out of the same bowls. These 2 share everything, and I mean everything.
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I had 2 litterboxes when we brought Charlie home as I was not sure if Ling would share. Besides the main litter box is in the basement and Charlie was confined for about 2 weeks upstairs with his own pan till we trusted him enough.

I put both pans next to each other, but neither Charlie or Ling wanted to use the little pan - they both wanted the covered one. Ling didn't mind so after about 3 weeks of leaving both there, I took the smaller one away and everything's been fine.
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I have 2 cats, 1 large covered litterpan. There has never been a problem. I scoop 2 times a day. I really don't have room for another box. The cats also share the sane bowls and get along fine.
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Thank you all for your experiences with this When I change DeeDee over to a large box, I will get another covered litterbox like Palas's that will go in the livingroom and an uncovered one to go next to Palas's and see which she prefers. They are significantly more expensive than a regular litterbox though. But I may try out making one with a top entrance hole out of the rubbermaid bin like I read about in another thread.

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Well I guess DeeDee is ready for a covered litterbox since I saw her go in Palas's today And apparently she's taken to her so well that he didn't mind
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i recently brought home a second cat and kya was very upset. she is very territorial but i didnt get a second litter box, they both share the one just fine.
hes been here for almost a week and she is starting to warm up to him.
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