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A fun game for today!

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I know we have done something like this before, but we now have a bunch of new people since we last did it!

Post something nice about the person who posts before you and also post 1 dream, goal or aspiration!

Since no one is before me I will post an aspiration. I really want to have a baby! I may have to adopt and I am looking into that, but that is my biggest dream - to become a mommy.
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Oh Adrienne - me too!

But I think I'll have to adopt - my dumb old body won't co-operate.

Well - as for posting something nice about you . . . you always submit great jokes to The Cat Site and have a kind word for everyone.

How's that?!!
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Yola has a huge heart, especially with giving her time and talents to the Cat Protection Association (I think I got the name wrong ) in her area.

Right now, my dream is just to be financially stable. The big dream, though, is to be able to go back to school and work in some form of forensics or criminal justice.
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This sounds fun!!!

Heidi, I noticed you ALWAYS have something nice to say to anyone who posts. It is soooo encouraging when you have someone take interest in what you have written.I always looks forward to hearing from you from me personally: Thank you!

Ummmm...a goal of mine: I want to leave this Earth knowing I have done everything humanly possible to bring happiness to the lives of those I touch. (I had a pretty sad childhood so this is top priority for me). Too many people go around thinking no one cares about them. Okay....maybe I'm sounding corny. Sorry. It is a main goal of mine. I want alot of "Remember when she did/said this to brighten up my day?" at my funeral.
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G--You are able to meet your fears, and laugh at them ( I am thinking of a certain thread which became our first road trip with Mr. Cat).

I would love to be out of debt so I could buy a house without any other bills to worry about, except the usual food and utilities.
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Brenda, I like the way you pull no punches, but still manage to be tactful and pleasant when someone posts something that they really need to be given a stern answer to. Mostly in relation to not wanting to call a vet, or do what they know they should.

I would really like to be able to express myself better. I know I sound like a real witch sometimes when I don't mean to. I have lost some friends over the years, when I really didn't mean any meanness at all. Sometimes I just can't find the right words to get my point across and end up coming across very badly.
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This is great but a little difficult for me because being pretty new to the forums I don't know that much about anyone. Actually I'd like to say that I think all of you are wonderful. When anyone needs advice regarding their furbabies or need cheering up you are all right there to lend a helping hand. You all laugh and cry together. You really care and let your feelings get involved. If everyone in the world were like all of you what a wonderful place this would be. I've learned a lot about my furkids just reading all of your posts.

I don't really have a goal perse. I wish I were healthier. Having diabetes and severe arthritis gives me a lot of bad days so I look forward to good days. If I could have a wish granted I would like to win a huge lottery so I could buy a place out in the country and build and staff a home for pets. I'd start emptying out all the ani mal shelters I could and take as many feral ones as possible. They would be spayed and nuetered and I'd find loving homes for as many as possible and if no home could be found the furchild would have a life time one with me. I would take both cats and dogs and probably wind up with horses and other kinds too. Except for snakes. Sorry, I know they are the Father's creatures too but I simply cannot do snakes. Its a far out dream I know but I always thought "if you're going to dream, dream BIG'.
Blessed be to you all.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy (formerly Little Bit)
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Dee, I really don't know you, but you seem to be a very spiritual or religious person.

My goal is to find a new house to live in, but they're rather scarce in my area.
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