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Cat Colitis

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Does anyone have any advice...

My thirteen month old female tortie cat has been diagnosed with colitis. She was initially treated with antirobe, but had a reaction to it that caused vomitting and diarrhea. She was put on another antibiotic which had no side effects. I fed her homecooked chicken and fish (and my other two cats!) and gradually put her back on canned food. Since then (roughly a week ago) she has had two bowel movements; that have appeared in the litter tray - one was soft and greasy looking and tonight it seemed softer and I noticed at the end a couple of splodges of mucus. She did not appear to be straining as she did a week ago on Monday which preceeded the vets visit. Her stools have no blood, she has a good (huge) appetite. For dinner tonight she was given a little mackeral in brine - maybe not such a good idea. For the past two nights my wonderfully ingnorant other half has put down Hills Science Plan, which I was not happy with as I was reintroducing foods slowly. In herself she is very purry and friendly and her usual mischeivous self. Prior to me having her she was a rescue cat who was dumped outside a cattery in a box in a horrendous state of health. I know that she likes to rummage through binbags - perhaps that's how she was used to being fed.
Does anyone have any suggestions? It is around eight weeks since she was last wormed. I do have pet insurance, so another vet visit is an option, however as she has been eight times since I have had her and I am reluctant to subject her to another visit (the eight times have been twice for injections, twice for an old eye injury, twice for an infected scratch that swelled up- for which she was given a course of antibiotics - and twice with the colitis.). It doesn't seem to be particularly bad at the moment, however any advice from people who have dealt with this problem in their cats would be very much appreciated.

Thank you
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IBD can be tricky... some cats need more fiber or veggie matter others do well on a raw or homecooked diet
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