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Sad TCS Come Back...

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I'm so sorry for being gone for 4 months and i seen you guys made a new kind of Point System i was reading in NA's thats wonderful i'm very happy for TCS. Well its a good/bad come back i got married Valentines Day and it was amazing the church was so pretty and everything went good. But a few weeks before the wedding Troy's grand mother passed away she was 94 she died of old age in a nursing home. She was only in the home 4 days the thought it was the stress but she asked to be put there. We were not going to get married until March 3rd but he pushed it up for the funeral. I know that wasn't exciting a bunch of people greiving and happy at the same time . But it was great and the most important thing is were married and i'm now entitled to everything he has . Just kidding , well it was very sad and everybody is still shocked she passed away but Troy knows we have to move on and can not stop our lifes.

Before i left we had a litter of kittens and after i left we Lilly had produced a amazing litter her self. Were proud, excited and enjoyed but so MANY cats. We had doubts about making it with all these cats but we are and happy. Smokey and Jazz found new homes as well as Smore. I'm so sorry for everybody that encouraged us getting the Siamese but it wasn't working out. We also have drew back the bengal idea, i feel terrible after all the help but it wasn't working. Everybody started fighting when the kittens came around. Smore and Danton started fighting then Faith and Lilly started fighting with Smore and it was a mess. Smore is a wild child everybody knew that but he was trying to go after the litters and Faith is already aggressive as is. She was a brat with the others before the kittens were born i'm sure you can imagine what it was like AFTER they arrived. Lilly and Faith have became close and really like each other. I'll have more information soon for everybody on the update on who we all have (lol).

Thank You
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Congrats on your WEDDING I am sorry about your DH's Grandmother.

I was married on V-day too, it's a great time to get married!
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lol, yeah he says double the trouble. But i thought it would be a great day i mean what better than to get married on one of the most romantic days .
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Originally Posted by KittyPaws View Post
I'm so sorry for everybody that encouraged us getting the Siamese but it wasn't working out.
Wait ... you have so many animals that I am confused ... where is the Siamese now? What happened to him? Do you still have the female Siamese? Was she one of the ones who had a litter?
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Oh no Cookie got spayed, sorry i haven't had time to update my siggy. The breeder took Smore back for full refund she understands. When we got him he was so good with the others but you have to understand i can't have him attacking kittens and my mother cats. The 2 that had litters were the rescues i got that were already pregnant by Danton. Which as well was altered and we are getting Lilly and Faith spayed in a week (the vet was booked full). Sorry for confusing you gayef.
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congrats on the wedding , im so sorry about your DH grandmother.
congrats with the new litters and on the mums being spayed soon. and im sorry that you have had so many problems with fighting.
im looking foward to our wedding in july to , cant wait.
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Congratulations on our wedding! I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's grandmother!
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Thanks everyone. We really wanted to keep him but it was getting out of hand we tried for over 2 months to work with him. We tried giving him more attention than the kittens, extra treats in feeding time etc. Because the vet suggested it was behavior issues and lack of affection and that he thought he was replaced. But then he just started getting worse, he tried killing May he dropped her off the table at only a few weeks. We thought he broke her leg but the vet said just a little brusing and she would be fine. I really don't know what went wrong i think it was a little more than being jealous.
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I'll try and get updated pictures but here is Lilly's litter (when born) she had 2 tri/black boys. There brown/black, Dexter and Dilon and then a blk/white female and calico female, Bambi and Kelis. Were keeping the females Bambi and Kelis possibly one of the boys. They will ALL be altered in a few weeks (my vet will not alter under so many pounds/so young). But here they are :

<< The Girls

The boys are black and the girls are blk/white and calico.
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