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We caught a mouse!!

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I'm so proud. One of Sneakers' kittens caught a mouse, and even killed it! His name is Tux and he is living with my MIL. She also took in Harley, and they both got fixed last week.

I'm just glad I didn't have to find the poor mousie's corpse... ew!!!
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Yay for kitten mouse-killing!

I have yet to experience this little joy about cat-parenting. Which I guess is good, because that means there are no mice here. Or is it bad, and there are mice, but they are bad mouse-killers?
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i remember the first mouse lilly got hold of , still creeps me out now .
i woke up to her playing with something , thought it was one of her toys , when i looked closer it was a dead mouse that she was flinging up in the air , oh how i screamed lol.
worse thing is she hadnt been out anywhere. so that was it i went through the hole house , untill i was sorting out my sons toy box. i was picking up his toys and putting them away when i picked up a fluffy one , omg it was a mouse , my partner thought someone had got in the house i screamed that loud lol. i like mice , but not knowing if your gonna pick up one or find one in your shoe is something i dont ever want to go through again. we found 3 in total all dead. and so far no more.
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I was so proud of Radar when he caught his first mouse at 4 months old. We got a cat because my last budgie died as the result of a rodent attack (I quickly learned that cats bring so much more to your life than rodent control though ) When it happened, I wanted to do a little 'rites of passage' ceremony for him to mark his first successful hunt but Nate said I was insane

He has caught a further 2 since then, and now they have retreated from our flat in defeat. I actually have photos of him getting the last one he found, I haven't posted them up because I am of course worried that people would think that I was celebrating too much about the carnage Radar caused. They did kill my budgie Maximus though and something had to be done. Radar does a fantastic job, he's my big brave hunter
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That is cool! You should be proud of Tux. My Little Buddy spent the first part of his life in an apartment and never saw mice, or anything. When we moved out to a more country home, he became quite the mouse catcher. When the weather got cold, the mice would get into the house and Buddy would chase them out or catch them. I was surprised the first time he caught one. He would bring them up from downstairs and show off.

The one bad time was when Buddy grabbed a chipmunk from the outside deck and brought it in. It was way too big for Buddy and I don't know how he did it. I had to chase that chipmunk all over the house to catch it and release it back outside. Buddy was dissapointed in my releasing his "prize" but the chipmunk sure was happy to get back outside!
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Your stories are all too funny! I do feel like it's a right of passage... my little grandkittens are all grown up!!

We've never had mice in this house (knock on wood). If we ever get them, it will be interesting to see who is the one that will catch one first... my guess is Godiva or Ziggy. Godiva has killed before. Ziggy just goes crazy with toys, so I think he'd do a pretty good job too.

You guys should see them now (those of you who remember the kittens). Tux is a petite little man with big gorgeous eyes and a bit of a troublemaker. Harley, the one who had the ribcage problems, is long and tall like his dad (and before he got fixed, he had a HUGE package), but is more mellow than Tux.

I wouldn't mind if you posted Radar's mouse, Epona... I mean, part of me is really upset about that kind of thing, but it's the way of things.... the circle of life... all that jazz. It doesn't gross me out, it just makes me sad that any creature has to suffer in order for others to live (or play, in the case of a cat ).
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