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help me give my cats drontal

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I AM SO tired of getting my hands sliced its like a bunch of needles sticking right in my skin (Cats claws) they dont even use force they just use their nails like fingers grab onto my hand when i try to insert the pill in their mouth. I dont have anyone to help me because my parents are afraid of cats I am going to use the wet food method Just curious should i crush the pill up before adding it to a small amount of food? Or just hide it whole in there?
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Yes, definitely crush it, and make sure the wet food is a flavor they really like. This is how I pill my cats whenever possible - no trauma involved.
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definitely give the 'pill in the food' method a try first. Its so much easier and less stressful on you and your kitty this way. However if it absolutely must be forcefully given you can try this:

we would take these forcep things (i forget the name of the tool, but its like needle nose pliers) at the vet clinic, scruff the cat and put the pill in its mouth that way. That way they usually can't bite you or have enough time to scratch you. You gotta have a careful hand though. Or else you could hurt your kitty if you should it to the back of the throat or something.

But lets hope your kitty takes it in the food
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I hope you have better luck than I did with Drontal and food. The pills had a nasty bitter smell and I think they could pick it up from a mile away. They wouldn't even eat sardines with those pills in it and I wasted $4 on a pill they wouldn't take. If you go the food route I would make sure it's really hidden in there (like one of those "pill pocket" treats) so it's down the hatch before they catch on.

We ended up doing it the hard way with a pill shooter.
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When we had to give our 2 drontil, we put 1/2 pill in a pill pocket and were successful in giving Bijou 5 halves and Mika 3 halves.
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crush and place in smelly wet food like tuna
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