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Hard Day in The Office

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Miss Moofs is a tad jiggered after a hard day doing...............umm, well not doing a right lot really

z z z zzz zzzzz z zz
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She is just so beautiful.....even when she's all tuckered out!
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Beautiful girls must get their beauty rest.
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Awwwwww...what a sweetie.

How is her eye doing? Inquiring minds want to know...
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Awwww Miss Moofs, have you had a hard day playing sweetums

Bless her she looks shattered as well
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Awww...did you try to join her?
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
How is her eye doing? Inquiring minds want to know...
thanks for asking..........
well I´ve just mentioned about it in the 'snake eyes' thread - its still not dilating all the way, but a lot better than it was, the pupil is more black now, before it was like a greeny colour and as if you could see into the eyeball - icky, sorry !

We also had a little drama with her, she jumps on our bedroom roof via some lower level roofs (this is from our upstairs patio where she gets access ) but when she came to jump down, we heard her crying.......she couldnt judge the jump, I was really upset I thought she had lost sight in that eye. DH had to get her down, clambering over the roofs, he had to grab her and she squeelled a bit he was mortified all evening Anyway about a couple of days later she was up there again, but she got down fine, so I think its still slowly getting back to somewhat normal.

sorry to did ask
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It's good to know her eye is getting a little better! I have an older kitty outside, her eyes have gotten cloudy with age & she doesn't do much jumping anymore. Vet says she cannot acurately judge distance anymore....
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Awww... sweet Miss Moofs taking a nap after a hard day of .... napping....
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Awww Leave that girl to do some beauty sleep
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How cute, mine always fall off the back of the sofa when they try to sleep like that
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she looks so comfy what a cutie
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