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Smart Kitten Counter Problem..

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I have a 8 mo old kitten who is unfortunately (in this circumstance) too smart for my own good lol. Hes I supposed you'd say in his terrible 2's.. he gets into everything.. what I'm having my patience grow short on is that only when me and my bf are not home he gets up on the counter and tears into anything thats up there. We went away for the weekend and came home to an apt filled with catnip and he ate up my vday flowers leaves. last night i got home from work and there were torn up bags of hamburger buns and peices of them everywhere. any tips on how to keep a cat off the counters when ur not around?
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Sorry but i couldn't help but laugh at his antics He had the catnip and a party all by himself. I wish you had taken a picture of the state of the place

I leave my girls in the guest room while i'm at work with their litter tray, food, water etc..., so do you have a spare room at all?
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I can just imagine what a mess he made but it sounds like he had a great time doing it
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I have 8 cats and I gave up on the counter thing a long time ago. They know what "get down" means but of course, like you said - when you're not there, there's nothing stopping them from getting up there.

You'll find a lot of advice from old posts here if you search for 'counter' in the behavior forum.

Things like double sided sticky tape, aluminum foil, or poorly balanced items on the edge might help. Cats don't like the feel of sticky stuff, the foil usually scares them, and falling objects (safe ones) will scare them too.

For now, you may just want to move anything that's near and dear to higher ground.
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oh well I´m afraid you´ll have to alter some things you do
We have to put everything away before we go out bread has to go in the bread basket, heaven help you if you leave the butter out, even with its lid on no way can you leave the kibble packet hanging about.
It all gets put away........then there aint anything left for them to get those sneaky little paws into
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That was very funny, I admit to laughing before I could think about it! Have to say though, said it your self......Would you leave a 2 year old child alone for the weekend? Much less, you didn't "kitten proof", what do you expect?
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Also, I'm guessing from your username that this little darling is a Bengal? They're known for being energetic and smart. He might need a friend to occupy his time.
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Well I'd be sure all food/flowers are NOT on the counter. IMO its better to keep food off the counter. That only intices them up there.
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Yes he is a Bengal, and I hadn't really had any problems until we had left for the weekend. Now he's doing it almost everyday since. We think he may have gotten up there by a chair thats pretty close to it so we're hoping that moving that chair will discourage him from getting up there. He has an 8 yr old tabby that he plays with, hes definitely not a bored kitten lol but, and this is in no offense to anyone who does or feels otherwise, but I don't want my apt to be 'run' by him. Some people allow and don't mind their pets being boss but I have had numerous pets and not one of them ever got their way over my way(over something major like that anyways). I don't want him up on the counter, he needs to learn to not get up there whether there is food up there or not. I know he's very smart he's proven it since day one, hence him knowing its NOT ok because he does it only when I'm not home... and btw, he's old enough where I can easily leave him home alone for a longer period of time.. he knows the ropes so I wouldn't necessarily compare him to a 2 yr old kid.. anyways, all in all, I'm just hoping that moving the chair will help keep ur fingers crossed! otherwise i may have to get some kind of a gate to keep him up in our loft where his kitty box and food/water are during the day. i dont think that would work though, hes very strong and sneaky he can get just about anywhere that his little body will alow him to squeeze through
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Check out this article, it give lots of great advice on how to keep your kitty off of the counter. Hopefully you'll find something in it that works for you.

Good luck!!
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Originally Posted by Chester&Piper View Post
Check out this article, it give lots of great advice on how to keep your kitty off of the counter. Hopefully you'll find something in it that works for you.

Good luck!!
Thanks, I read through it and if moving the chair doesnt work i may try some of the things listed. I know it's definitely NOT space related.. we have a 1300 sq ft apt with stairs he runs up and down about 23409834509 times a day and he has a cat post hes always climbing on so hes just being a bad kitty! lol thanks again.
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Um, get a breadbox, don't leave stuff on the counter, and just realize that cat's have their own world to deal with. I have a cat on the counter, and opening cupboard doors. I adjusted to it, all of the chemicals for cleaning house are now in an overhead cupboard, pots pans, other supplies are below. Food is put away in the fridge, and a breadbox, especially leftovers. there's basically nothing to eat leftout for them. Mike
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I had a laugh at your baby's antics too! There are ways to teach a cat not to get on counters, but you might want to be careful. Some things that might get left out can be harmful to a kitty.

Hopefully you can find a solution!
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