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Not a newbie, but got two new cats! (long)

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Hello everyone!

My husband Scott and I got our beautiful Jaden back in September. We loved her so much we knew we wanted to get at least one more when we closed on a house we were buying. Well, we closed on Jan 22 and brought home two beauties on Feb. 1.

Scott's coworker had been wanting to get rid of them for a while. They were her daughter's cats and neither could really care for them anymore. She was a responsible owner, though and interviewed us for the job of caring for them. We met her expectations and brought home a brother and sister, 2 1/2 years old.

Petal, formerly called Pepper, adapted to the new house and new name in two days. She is all black except for scattered white hairs on the back of her neck. She's really cute and sweet, rolling on the floor to get her tummy rubbed. She's got very expressive green eyes and loves playing with a stuffed turtle and chasing Jaden around the house.

Miyagi, called Mig or Miggy-Moo was formerly named Max. He is a big boy at about 12 pounds. He's very beautiful: a classic ticked tabby in brown and white. He's got double lined eyes and a lined pink nose with black paw pads. I've never really seen a cat like him before. He's really something to look at.

Miggy had a much harder time adjusting than his sister. We had put them in a spare bedroom with everything they needed to adjust to the sounds and smells of a new house. When Petal was obviously ready, we opened the door for them to explore. Miggy didn't like it very much and kept hiding in a box I'd put in the room for him. Then, overnight he found a much "safer" hiding place in the tiniest space under the stairs. Gosh, how did he cram himself in there? Scott and I got him out and put him back in "his" room until he was really ready to come out again.

Well, that night he seemed like he wanted out, so we opened the door. Come morning, he was missing again. This time, he'd found a really "safe" spot up in the basement's dropped ceiling. He must have gotten in there by jumping on the water heater and then up into the ceiling. Thankfully, I was able to coax him and pull him out again. Well, wouldn't you know that as soon as Scott came home from work Miggy wanted out of his room again! He was sociable that evening, hanging out with Scott in the office. Well that night he went back into the ceiling, only this time he was in a spot I couldn't reach.

We actually tried to "prime the pump" as it were by putting Petal up there to try to reach him on a cat-to-cat level. She got bored with him though and wanted to expore. She knocked down two ceiling tiles before we got her down again. Oh, and when we were busy getting Petal down, Jaden climbed up the ladder and wanted to explore the ceiling too! Scott saw the fluffy fur and thought it was Miggy coming down, but it was only Jaden. He, he. That was an adventure!

I gave him water and food, and prayed he came out on his own this time. He spent almost two days up there! Thankfully, he wanted to really come out after that. We went to a home improvement store and bought a door for the utility room in the basement. No more hiding up in the ceiling for Miggy! Instead he took to hiding under a chair in the living room.

It's been almost three weeks now, and he's doing great now. He still hides under "his" chair when he hears a loud noise, like the garage opening or closing, but he comes out and is sociable with us. He even sits on our laps and likes getting his cheeks scratched! He's going to be a great kitty once he's fully adjusted.

All three are spayed/neutered with collars and coordinating soft claws. We really love having three cats at once. Now we just need a new signature!
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Congratulations on your two new cats
They all look so cute but Petal is especially beautiful, I'm sure she was very worried about her brother being lost for so long in that ceiling
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So sweet... I'm glad that Miggy is coming around in his own sweet time! 3 cats are way better than 1!! Congratulations on your new additions!
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Congrats on your new additions.
They are just beautiful!
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Congratulations! I love that they have coordinating collars and soft paws.
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Welcome to your two beautiful new kitties - they are stunners
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Dear Jaden, Petal, Miggy and family:

How adorable Petal is!!! I love ALL cats, but the little black ones -- like black satin dolls! And Miggy IS very unusually marked -- what a handsome guy! THANK YOU and bless you for adopting Petal AND Miggy -- and Jaden, too, of course -- and congratulations on your larger family and on your beautiful new home. I know you're going to have many happy times there with your three sweet furbabies! We love big feline families here...as you can see
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea View Post
Welcome to your two beautiful new kitties - they are stunners
2 new additions!! welcome!
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Congratulations on your new babies...they are just beautiful!
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