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Wednesday's DT

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Good morning (or afternoon or evening depending on where you live)! Is is home time yet? My day at work hasn't even started and I am ready to go home. I woke up with a nasty headache and had a nose bleed even before I left the house. Sugarly started peeing and pooping outside her box again last night - we had to increase her meds and seclude her in the basement again. I hate doing that - she cries to get out, but she has to get used to using her box again. We set up her room very nicely with cat beds, toys, food and water. We spend a lot of time with her in the room, but it keeps the other cats from beating her up. It looks like our Thanksgiving celebration at my house is canceled for this weekend as new people upset her (it is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend this weekend). OK - enough of me whining.

For the next few weeks I may only be on the site sporatically because I am working on a special project at work. It all depends on what happens with that as to when I will be on the site, as I normally use work time to see what is going on. So if I don't check in to often, it is only because I have to do the dreaded 4 letter word W.O.R.K.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Ady, hope you feel better. Sorry to hear about Sugarly also. Hope she gets better too.

I haven't been able to spend much time here either It's hectic at work and with me running back and forth to the doctors, I haven't had a full days work here yet. I have an appointment again today. It's a never ending story. This appointment is to check to see if my lungs are clearing up. I am on a puffer and things seems to be getting back to normal. Sleeping through the night again so that is awesome.

Something new in my life: I began taking Yoga lessons on Monday (hubby says I should not be telling anyone this. He thinks I sit there and chant ) Anyways....I never thought Yoga would make me feel so good. I highly recommend this for anyone with any stress in their life. I'm lucky because the instructor is awesome. I do have to admit that I am not able to perform some of the moves. I am not flexible enough...but I will be. Tomorrow, my class is at 7:30am. It lasts one hour. I think that will be a nice start to my day.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have not had a chance to catch up on my reading yet but I will.

Bowling starts tomorrow night for me. It ends up being my bank, grocery and bowling night.

Hope you all have a great day!
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Off, today. Need to do a couple of loads of laundry and clean the bathroom (ugh!).

Robinson's-May starts their Columbus Day sale, today. I need a new winter wrap and they have the most gorgeous purple cape. I would have paid the $69.99 for it but, its now 33 1/3% off. By adding a fur collar and some fringe, it'll be perfect!

We spotted a beautiful sterling silver and amethyst necklace there, too. I have a hunch that I'm getting it for either my birthday or Christmas. Bill is such a sweetie!

Have a good one, all!
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OK, ya know how I said I would only be here sporatically, well, the special project has slowed done for today so I am not overly busy. Now I expect to be entertained - dance for me Bod! Oh yeah - I can't see that on-line! Dance anyway Bod!

Cindy - the wrap sounds great - is it dark or light purple? I love the colour eggplant!
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Phew. A bit of a mad day. My first ad goes into a trade mag today so I've been frantically getting all loose ends together incase I get a prospect call up.

My lead generator has got me some interested parties requiring information so I'll be emailing these out all evening.

Finally got my fast, broadband internet connection up and running. Wow. It's so whizzy. far better that the old aol dial-up via my tired old laptop.

It's actually great working from home. Didn't know if I'd be able to do it, but I've got my office all re-organsied, everything filed and catalogued so there's no stopping me now!

Cindy - it sounds like you like purple - I do too. Amethyst is my birthstone and I've always loved it. Nothing as beautiful as amethyst mounted in chunky silver. Hope you get your necklace!!

Ghys - YOGA. I've always wanted to do that. But I can't find an instructor or classes in my area. Bummer.

Have a good day/evening everyone.
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adymarie - I was going to say we've heard that threat before! Glad to hear your project has slowed down VERY sorry to hear about Sugarly and Thanksgiving. Hope she'll be O.K. soon.

Amethyst is my birthstone too! Purple is my favorite color. Cindy - got my fingers crossed for you!

Ghyslaine, we've missed you! But so glad to hear you're sleeping through the night again. Sleep makes all the difference, doesn't it? I got sick Sunday, and am finally feeling better. I think this'll be the last day of it.

Oh - almost forgot. I don't know where any of you live, but if you're interested in Yoga, you might consider seeing if there is a "Himalayan Institute" near you. They have lots of classes, including yoga, for inexpensive prices. I practiced Hatha Yoga for many,many years, although I haven't incorporated it into my schedule recently. It isn't like in the "Yoga Classes" at a health club where you have to bend like a pretzel by the third class. It starts out with very simple poses and works on your flexibility over time. It is wonderful for both mind and soul. I also took "breathing" classes, which is more like "Prana Yoga," which is also very beneficial for stress very quickly.

The thing I like best about both Hatha Yoga and Prana Yoga are that they are easy to learn on your own from a book. I liked the classes as it was very motivating, but they are easily learned on one's own. Here's a link to the Himalayan Institute on-line, where I think you can purchase books over the internet (Just ignore the religious stuff, it is an org devoted to some Swami in India):

Himalayan Institute


I gotta go, and won't be back until sometime tomorrow.

Have a great day and evening, everyone!

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Oh! I hadn't been over to the site for a long time. Apparently they have a directory of Yoga instructors and stuff:

Worldwide directory of yoga teachers, yoga associations, and certification programs with content including Asana of the Month and highlighted Yoga Traditions.
Have fun!

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Geesh Ady!! I've been here dancing for the last three hours!!!! WIll you just appluade already so I can stop!?!?!??!!?!? :tounge2: :tounge2:

Anyway, Hi everyone!! Today is finally over!!! (well, work wise anyway) only ten mins and I can go home, which I am very glad about as I have flu and am sitting here dying slowly... *cough cough splutter choke*, so with that, now I have left all my germs here in the forum... I shall leave!! BWAAHAHH!!


and to you all!!
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You better visit the site between now and then or I won't applaud! Ok, fine 1 clap only! Have a nice week off Bod!
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Laurie, glad you are feeling better.

It's Hatha Yoga that I am taking. It's sooooo relaxing! I will begin here and maybe venture into different ones. There are so many to choose from.

Bod....hope you feel better!
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I got the cape. Its medium-dark purple. I'm going to hit my favorite vintage clothing stores and look for a fur collar. I'm not crazy about the buttons, either but those are easy to replace. We have a fabric store, here that sells mill ends, irregulars and overstocks. I can get fancy buttons for less than $1.00 each.
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Bod, I enjoyed the dancing. Clap------clap------clap...Just kidding! I know you're not feeling well. What's going on here? Colds, flu, pneumonia. Get well, people, please! No hot toddy for Rhea, though. I told her she can't have alcohol if she's talking with anyone from the U.S. because we'd just have to report it to the authorities. I wish I could make a citizen's arrest, and charge it to the government. What a lovely trip that would be.

I love silver too. It's my favorite. But PURPLE? My birthstone is an alexandrite, a washed out amethyst color, and I feel so cheated. I could have pearl, but I don't like them either. I love blue topaz, ruby, sapphire, emerald....of course, who could afford the last three? I bought sterling silver often when I was working. I miss working and I miss buying!
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Good evening gals, I'm writing in a bit late I guess. We are finally all better around here, thank goodness. My daughter is back to her old self again after two weeks worth of whining and runny noses and coughs. I cannot stand having sick kids, its just heart wrenching.

The necklace sounds beautiful Katl8e, I love amythyst, its a gorgeous color!

I'm more of a gold person, although my wedding ring is silver and gold mixed. My birthstone is ruby, can you say $$$ ??? I own quite a bit of jewelry, but I have to say other than my diamond ring the most precious thing I own is a mothers ring that my husband bought me after we had our daughter. It has all 4 of our birthstones: Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot, and yellow topaz. I cherish it more than anything else I own!!!!!!!!!

Well, its off to get the kiddos ready for bed. Mom is tired tonight
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I've been waiting to post here until I got in a better mood, and here is it 5:15 and I think I'm getting better. Tells ya what kind of day it's been. My supervisor is nit-picking me to death this week, and today it's been ridiculous. I could do it right 99 times out of 100, but she will hone in on that 1 time. I am trying not to take it personally - I know she's getting nit-picked too (being the accountant, she has to be), and just before she left this evening she told me that her mother found a lump in her breast. I'm sure that has something to do with it, too. I wish she would have told me that earlier in the week so I wouldn't have been a basket case and irritated beyond belief.

Anyway, Cindy that cape sounds gorgeous. Should show off your ring (and future necklace ) very nicely. My birthstone is ruby, like Daniela, so I don't have too many nice pieces of jewelry with my birthstone. Wouldn't you know it, too, that hubby's favorite stone is sapphire, so we both have expensive taste.

Well, the week is half over, so it's all downhill from here.
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The cape sounds lovely! I like purple, especially a dark purple. I made a kinsale cloak out of black velvet, and I have 14 yards of a royal purple to do the same with, as soon as I find a good pattern (I am NEVER making another kinsale cloak!!!)

I like sapphires and emeralds (green being my favorite color) and I also love opals! My birthstone is Diamond and I have one pair of diamond stud earrings that I rarely ever wear.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Had a scare with my previous unemployment claim, they tried to take my claim away and make me pay back all the unemployment I got in the last 3 months. I'm working now, but I was not looking forward to working for nothing, in order to pay that all back. Had a hearing about it on Monday. Luckily, the company I worked for got their appeal in late, so I get to keep it (for now). I found out last night that Mike's job will be ending on October 25th, so maybe things can get back to normal around here, and we can work things out between us. Also got on the Oregon Health plan (state-funded insurance), so now I can go to the doctor for my depression, and get some help.

My boyfriend and I are taking off this weekend to go to a resort for a few days, and I'm looking forward to a hot tub. We're going with another couple, and their 2 kids, and I'm not looking forward to 3 days with a 2 year old and a 3-week-old baby. I'm afraid I don't like kids At least I will be getting out of the apartment and can relax a little bit. And since I don't have to pay the unemployment back, I can do some shopping and get some work clothes!
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