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Cat vs. mouse = trauma for owner

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Just got off the phone with a colleague of mine who shared a rathering entertaining story about her cat, Casey.

She awoke in the middle of the night recently to a 12 lb cat landing on her in the dark. While fumbling to turn on the light she heard a telltale squeaking noise. So, she automatically sprung from the bed in a panic.
Turns out dear Casey had brought her a field mouse that had somehow gotten in the house. She was afraid to trap the mouse, so the battle of wills between Casey and the mouse went on for the next three days and sleepless nights, as she laid there listening to Casey slide across the hard wood floors and bump into furniture in an attempt to catch the mouse.
Finally, Casey cornered the mouse in a corner of the living room and his owner was able to get close enough to trap the mouse under a small garbage can and shoo him out of the house.

She said Casey had seemed rather bored ever since and she thinks he misses his playmate
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Heh- Radar is just the same, he can never kill the mice. He tries to play with them, for ages and it just looks like torture
He's quite happily playing with some fake fur mice at the moment though
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too funny! poor little mousey was probably scared out of mind!
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That is so cute...
Those two reminded me of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons.
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Lucky for me...and not so lucky for any mice - Momma is soooo fast that the poor mouse is gone before I even know it's there. She just leaves me the tiniest bit of evidence. Less torture that way, I guess. Poor mouse, though.
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After Aristotle kills them, he places them under the fridge to dried out. Preserves them for future play.
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That happened to us, too, a few weeks ago (but not in the bed, thank goodness). We put the poor little mouse under a bush in the back yard, and when my daughter checked on it, it was dead. We had a ceremony and buried the little guy.

Evidently, cats don't usually hurt the mice, but they die of heart attacks.
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That poor lady!
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We had a mouse in our old apartment one time. Both Roo and Tigger were at the fridge zoned in on something - when I looked I freaked! But they stayed on him wherever that little went.
So funny to see a 25lb kitty chasing a mouse as if he weighed no more than a feather.
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my 2 are quite vicious with crickets, I'd hate to see them with a mouse!
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Tavia is pretty quick with mice we never even know they are here until we find them dead the next day. She is always checking the house over for them too. She missed one a long time ago because the dog rushed upto her and distracted her and it got away.
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We haven't had a mouse in our residence yet but I would feel sorry for one if we did. Insects are history here since Lil' Jag came into the family and the gophers are history with Luvbug - so the mice would be history if they tried.
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Last summer while I was floating in the pool I looked over and Monster and Gigi (the dog) were playing hockey using a mouse as a puck. It was still alive and would run and get batted back and forth to the other. Where are video cameras when you need them?
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