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I GOT HER:hyper:

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Yes, yes last night we got sweet grey feral girl!!

She is now in my basement and her long ordeal almost over.
She was distressed and meowing up a storm when she went
into the basement, but has now settled down. She
used her box, much to my astonishment!!

She may not be fully feral?? She meows at me
now, and we have conversations. I fed chicken
last night and some beans and wet. Didn't touch
the wet, but ate the chicken, broth and beans.

Am SOOO glad. Plans now to keep for a few days
to let her calm before I take to vets for snip *

Then back to Carradoc hall, where I found her, so she
can go back to her family of kitties and she can
go see the people who MAY be taking care of her (at
the garden center nearby the Hall...)

Am SO happy!!! Sadly, a second very shy grey kitty was
spotted following her around, and none of us know
it as a neighborhood cat. We may have another
feral or stray/dumpee on the loose

Am going to try for this new
kitty soon too.

So now my score is one feral fixed, one stray put into
rehab/rehoming program and one potential feral located
in the hood for fixing/trapping. And of course 3 at Carradoc
waiting trapping - ice has made it impossible, and with
the meltdown that's now taking place looking forward
to resuming my trapping there. YES!!! Yayyyyy!!!

Happy happy joy, joy all round
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well done you ! Its sounds good that shes settled OK, well I suppose a lovely warm basement & scrummy chicken is tons better than out in the cold

Great work !!
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Congrats! right before kitten season too
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Congratulations on a job well down for the grey kitty!
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You done a good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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