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I Quit My Job!!

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I used to drive truck for a living and then my axle broke and the wheels fell off while I was driving with a load on!
I figured I needed a safer job so I applied at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino as a front desk agent and that was ok but holy stressful!! Some people are just so stoopid. Like don't call me and ask me what kind of pickles the buffet has - I don't know - I work the front desk.

So anyways ATCO Gas offered me a job almost twice as much money and three weeks paid vacation every year. Neat eh? My last day at the Inn was yesterday and my first day at ATCO is tomorrow.

SO today I am chillaxin and catching up on some much neglected Cat Site.

Did I miss anything in the last year?? lol!
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that must be a wonderful feeling - good luck with the job

guess you got some catching up to do here at TCS
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Congrats on the new job, hope things work out for you. I wish I got 3 weeks paid vacation time. Will be lucky to get a week this coming year, to go get married.
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So glad you got a job that your excited about. What will you do at ATCO?
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LOL I'll be going from door to door reading people's meters. Sometimes I'll have to go into people's basements and crawlspaces to get to them and sometimes I'll have to deal with dogs but I think overall it'll be ok.

After three months I'll get my own company vehicle and if I don't like it anymore I can apply for office job postings
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Hey! Here's a username we haven't seen in a while! (Always loved the Paws avatar.)

Best of luck with the new job.
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Hey, you've been away a long time!
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Ya, it's sad isn't it? There's been so much that has happened in the last year and a half I can do nothing but shake my head.

To sum it all up - I met my real father for the first time 4 years ago. A year and a half ago he convinced me and Darrell to pick up and move to Calgary from Victoria. When we moved here he became such a different person from the one he put across to us that a couple of months ago we had had enough and have since stopped talking to him.

We bought a house 4 months after moving here and I had a couple of really close calls with the driving business but my 'father' said I should keep doing it regardless of how unsafe I felt. It's all about the money to him. and how good it looked that his daughter was doing so well doing the business that he does as well.

So then I went to the Inn and that was ok for a while but then they cut back all of our shifts to 2 and 3 a week so I had to look elsewhere.

I've never had so many jobs in such a short period of time. I was only at the Inn for 3 months!
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Sounds like you are on t he right track at last. Good new job vibes coming your way.
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Tamme!!!!!!! It has been so long! How are you? So good to see you here again!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
Tamme!!!!!!! It has been so long! How are you? So good to see you here again!
LOL It's good to see you too!! ALL of you! Perhaps I'll be able to be around more often.
I've tried to catch up on all this banking and donating business by reading past posts but it's still a little confusing. I'll figure it out in time.
Thanks to kittylover4ever for my very first teddy bear. What do you call these symbols again?
And thanks for the new job vibes. Change is good right??
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Oh and I got a new kitty since we moved here... her name is Mittens and she has a personality that is so unlike any of my other cats. So now I'm up to four cats. lol!
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Congradulations!!! It is great to see you back on TCS
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That sounds sooo relieving! One of my good friends turns in her resignation tomorrow. She's been goofy excited since she got hired with a new company.
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ok well I just had my first two training days at my new job and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!!

There's corporate challenges where we challenge other companies of about the same size to a baseball game or a pool league or darts or bowling etc. and there's donating money from our paychecks that the company matches 80% and a real good support group. They want to know where you are at all times for your own protection and if you miss check-in time and can't get a hold of you on the radio - they actually come out looking for you!


So I'm really looking forward to Monday where we will be driving around with the industrial meter readers to see what it is that they do. Slowly integrating us into the job.

Wish me luck!
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Much luck, indeed!! Good to see you Tamme! You're sounding very positive about all these changes. That's great!
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Best of luck on the new job, hoping it works out for you. Cannot wait to see pics of mittens though.
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That sounds good! Good luck!
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Woot!! Good for you girl
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