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Rearview mirrors?! and things that hang on 'em.

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Who all here does this? Ya know, air freshners and such?! Right now I currently have a cat air freshener and some Mardi Gras beads...

So what else does everyone have??
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I have a 'gnome sweet gnome' air freshner that Karen sent
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I have my campus parking pass and a teardrop crystal w/ some tiny fake daisies froma friends wedding wrapped aroung it. Also flying via suction cup from my windsheild just below my mirror is Buttercup (she's a powerpuff girl).
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In my car nothing since I never drive it. But in the truck which I have pretty much taken over I have a circle iwth a floating heart with a charm haning off the hoop that says love.
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I have a lot of crap on mine!! I have 2 leis, 2 shell necklaces, probably 6 air fresheners, my Dale Jr visor, I don't know how i see around it
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I have crosses that hang in both of my cars. I have a celtic cross that hangs in one car and another interesting cross that hangs in my other car.
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My husband has my garter from our wedding hanging on his rear view mirror
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I don't have anything on mine.... the cops around my area are crappy for pulling people over for things like that
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I have an air freshener, shaped like a red high-heeled shoe.

My dad has the collar and tag, from an RB dog, hanging from his and that of another dog is hanging in Mom's car.
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I have a Cinderella's Castle pendant and a Princess charm bracelet sent to me by a friend who is a Disney cast member hanging from my mirror. I got stopped by the local Po-Po for having an expired tag about a month ago ... he looked at my stuff on the mirror, told me it wasn't smart to have them there and that I should take them down. I asked him if I was breaking any laws - and he said no, that I wasn't. So, I told him those were my Princess things and NOBODY was gonna make me take them down if I didn't absolutely HAVE to. He just chuckled and told me to get to DMV for a new tag and to be careful.
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I have an Indian Dream Catcher.... it's pink.
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Nothing on mine. Dad never hung anything from his either because he found them distracting. (He had fantastic peripheral vision.)
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I don't have anything either I find things dangleing and swaying with the movment of the car very distracting but I do have a couple of stick on's in the rear window. One is for breast cancer and the other is against animal cruelty
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I have sand in a little jar from Okinawa on mine. Given to me from a friend. It's got stars in the sand. It's really pretty.
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Not on the mirror exactly but on the hook for the passenger sunvisor, I have a ball suncatcher with crystals in it. It was the last thing my mom bought for me before she died. Hubby doesn't like it, but it's my car and it means something to me. I love suncatchers.
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right now all i have is a tag for work. but i sometimes have an air freshener there - just not currently.
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I have an old air freshener (it doesn't smell anymore) that is a goldfish on mine. My husband only has his parking tag for work on his.
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All I have is a wooden cross on a string on wooden beads hanging from my rearview mirror. As far as air freshers go I bought this thing that looks like a glade plugin that clips to the a/c vents and that air that travels through the vent also travels through the air freshner unit and makes the car smell nice.

As for the hubby all he has is a metal cross on a chain that hangs on his.
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I have a deerskin pouch with handbeaded star design on it, filled with herkimer diamonds that I dug up, a geode, a tiger's eye etc. I bought the pouch in Salem, MA in a really funky shop..where I brought in my black cat Tyler to sit on my lap while I had a reading (we were in town for a CFF cat show).

Good memories of a great trip and show with Tyler.
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I have a little light brown teddy bear wearing a red bow tie
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DH won't allow it, but I used to have a glow in the dark fishie <>< symbol and my graduation tassle. Occasionally a yankee car jar too! It's one area where I allow DH to indulge is neat freak side! We share the car so I guess it's fair. But then the car he usually drives is smelly to me.....so I guess if I take that car for something I better take some air freshener or roll down the windows!
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The van has a green apple Little Trees air fresheners. I love those things!
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I hang the Yankee Candle air freshener from the gear shift lever on the side of the steering wheel. And I have a couple of those neat little sunglass-holder clip thingies on the visors and then I have four of these little pom-pom ball Siamese cats that sit on a piece of hard cardboard with double-sided tape on the bottom - they rest on my dashboard in the middle. I have a Siamese cat window decal and my license plate is a vanity one that says "Meeze" - short for (duh!) SiaMEEZE. My car is purple (gray really, but in certain light, I'd swear it was purple) with a gray interior, so I call it my Lilac Point car. *ROFL* So, does this make me the crazy cat-car lady???
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My rear window ledge holds numerous stuffed animals: cats, Dalmatians, tigers and leopards. I have some really neat Lisa Frank beanies, in wild colors.
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On my mirror I have a lay (not sure how to spell it) a carabeener with a little stuffed animal rabbit (well just a head) and a keychain that says "big sis" on it. I have been told that there is too much and to take it down... but I don't. My sister used to have a keychain that said "lil sis" but it got stolen
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I have nothing hanging from mine. I don't need anything else blocking my view. I have an electronic pass for the tollway, an electronic pass to get on my work campus, and the parking stickers for work too.
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I have a small Dreamcatcher on my truck mirror and a Buddy Christ for the dashboard as soon as I get a dash covers.
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I NEVER hang anything from mine. It is not safe. I was in a really bad car wreck about two and a half years ago. An F150 completly totaled my car when she rearended me speeding and not paying attention. My back and neck were hurt- i was put in physical therapy for months. When i had my old car- i had a gorgeous little prism hanging from a clear string on my rear view mirror. The impact of the wreck caused not only the back of my car to be totaled, but it was so bad the prism when through the front windshield completly shattering it everywhere- there was glass everywhere. So if ya'll hang things from your rearview mirror, not to be a damp wrag or anything- but please be careful what you hang- if you're in a wreck it could very well harm you. Also- it's not wise to put things like tissue boxes/ and other things on the very back of your car on top of seats- in a wreck- they can fly foward and hit you/hurt you.
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we don't have anything on the mirror but we have a Homer Simpson doll glued to the dash and a Hula Monkey playing the Ukelele.
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we used to have a pair of panties hanging from the reareview...

nothing right now.but we do have an I love my Siberian Husky, and I love my Basset hound clinging. Arabian horse Assoc. sticker and a persian sticker
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