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Kitty Fight

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My cats ahve been palying all the time, and I guess this time somehow one of my cats clawed the other in the eye or near the eye or something, and I don't know what to do......

its nto bleeding anymore, but should I take it to the VET ASAP...?????

she's nto mewing like she's in pain or anyhting and she's by the door meowing at the other cat because I seperated the two... so I don't know if it is serious enough to actually go to the vet......

plus I can't find where our vet name and # is.................. any advice let me know I'll most likely take him to the vet as a precaution...
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Well i know if it were my mine i would be taking them to the vet to get it looked at, especially if it's been bleeding

You can go to any vet if you can't find yours in the yellow pages.
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yes def get a vet to check it out. even though your kitty may not appear to be in pain, it needs to be checked out for future medical purposes. It can become infected or permanant damage may have happened. you can get your vets info by dialing 411 or the yellowpages. Or just find another vet. But I would get it checked out to make sure he hasn't suffered serious injury.

Good luck
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YES have your cat checked out. I had two Russian Blue kittens playing and one got scratched in the eye. A trip to the vet saved his sight - he had some scar tissue tho. After that I started trimming kitten nails at 3 weeks old!
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Well, Malcolm went to the vet this morning, he checked him out. We have some ointment to give him. He thinks it might be a little scratch on the inner eyelid but nothing on the eye itself. It is a bit puffy and swollen but everythign else seems A-Ok and he is still being his usual active self. We will keep a close eye on it but I think that with the ointment it should ward off any infection etc.

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