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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Also, I agree-- the concept of banning incandescent lightbulbs is something like trying to put a cork in a hole in a ship from a missile. What they should be doing is making ELECTRICITY greener in the first place. If our energy was all solar, hydro, and wind turbine, well then, what's the difference between lightbulbs? Coal and oil and gas are the problem, not lightbulbs.
I agree.

New Zealand has greener forms of electricity - mostly hydro power, and the problem is having enough water - we get so dry in the summertime that the lakes get reduced to dangerously low levels.

So, they are installing new wind turbines down south - it has upset some people because the place that they are putting them is famous for scenery.

We don't have nuclear power because NZ wants to be nuclear free.

It is so hard to please people when it comes to terms of electricity - we are spoiled in what we get on an everyday basis but complain if it poses a risk or whatever. I will never understand humans.
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It's election year. Howard's popularity ratings are down and he has to be seen to be doing something in the fight against climate change, as he has done little to nothing so far....his continued stubbornness in the face of overwhelming evidence is just typical of his entire administration to date.

He has backflipped on a number of significant issues in past weeks (climate change, David Hicks) as he does every election year, and the people of Australia, unfortunately, are duped into believing that staying with the devil they know is the better option. Despite admitted lies (Tampa) and other outrages of the Howard government (IR laws, the `Pacific Solution'), they have continued to stay in power all along. They have helped the wealthy of Australia (and there are many) stay that way, or become a lot more wealthy, and they have played on the fears of the ignorant, and keep managing to stay in power.

The lightbulb proposal is one such example of the Howard propaganda machine doing overtime in the months leading up to the federal election. Nonetheless, it's still a positive move.

Not ratifying Kyoto was one of the things I was always angriest about with this government, but I have done a lot of research and listened to a lot of experts in this field, who now say that the original Kyoto was not the great work it was expected to be, and that until a newer, better agreement is put into place, without such damaging economic effects, not ratifying is probably the better option. I have to say I've done a bit of a backflip myself on that one, in the face of evidence from countries such as Canada who are experiencing many negative effects as a result of signing it.

I hope and pray with all my heart that `my fellow Australians' will topple that evil megalomaniac John Howard off his perch in 2007.
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We have the corkscrew fluorescents in the living room and the other kind in my room but we very rarely use lights dad uses them more than I do. But our wiring in this place is bad so I don't even like to use my lamp mostly because last night when it was on I smelled something like wires burning so I turned it back off. I think dad wants the fluorescents in the whole house once the new house is built and I think if the wiring is good in your house that will make more difference than the bulbs but that's just my opinion. When I lived by myself I used my lights more but it was because I lived alone and I wanted the house to look like more people lived in it. I think we could try to change to the fluorescents or LEDS but that the higher ups need to pick up the extra cost if its mandatory. And they need to make sure they are safe and make sure they are not effecting people who are sensitive to them.
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I find that I get more tired when I'm using fluorescents.

As to mandating it, I think that it is a meaningless gesture like changing the daylights savings time in the US. The costs to the citizens don't equate to any real savings in energy.

Rather these govts should look for incentives at the power plant levels and distribution because that is where a lot of inefficiency resides.
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