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Breeding Toms

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Hello All,
This question may be silly or stupid, I don't know.
I am a new breeder of Persian cats. I have had my cats for close to two years, and I have had one litter. Nice litter with 2 show cats out of 3. They have all found wonderful homes and my last baby left last Sunday, she was almost 5 months old.
I have a girl that I just bred 2 weeks ago, her first breeding but not her first heat to the male that produced my last litter, his first litter. I tried breeding him to an older girl very experienced in being a mother and she did not take.
My question is once a male breeds does he now know what he is doing or does it just take more practice. I am wondering if my other girl did not take just because sometimes that happens or because of my male. I know it is too soon to tell about my newly bred girl but she is being extremely affectionate lately and has gained a little weight. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Some females are simply very choosy about whom they mate with. On the other hand we are talking about persians. I've heard stories from persian breeders here that it will take a while for a female to "agree" to a male.

Keep trying, failing which after a few heat cycles without any progress, try putting your older female to another, different male to see what happens.

I'm famous around this neck of the woods for scoffing at the "cleverness" of persians...but I wont start here. Have you tried helping him to mount or is she just rebuffing him from the get go?
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my male does what he is supposed to do or at least it looks like it and she is very willing-he has fathered one litter with a different female.
I was just wondering if sometimes a male needs more experience, or maybe it is just my girls not taking and not him-don't know-
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I can't be too helpful, sorry. I breed Abys and they know what to do, all the time everytime! I don't even need to put the pair together overnight!

I can groom and show Persians with the best of them (I think, done that more than a few times successfully) but with the breeding of persians...let's wait till the persian breeders come online shall we? I'd be interested to know their replies too!
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I don't think your question is silly or stupid. You are right to have some concern. You may want to have your girl checked by a veterinarian to make sure she doesn't have a uterine infection. Since your boy is proven, and this girl had a previous litter, there could be a problem. You can take your girl in and have a culture done to rule out any infection and also request to have an ultrasound done just to check for any uterine cysts. If everything checks out OK with your girl, it could just be that the mating was not successful and you can try the next time she cycles.

Lynda Peace
LynsGems Persians
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Sometimes young males (especially with persian) take longer to get the hang of it. Once they've bred a few females, they are fine. I too would have the one female checked out for any infection before trying to breed again - you don't want her infection being passed on to him.
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Thank for those that replied to me thanks-I just bred him to another girl 3 weeks almost, and think she may be pregnant-the other girl came to me as a gift from another cattery, she is an older girl, so I will take her in to have her checked out, thanks so very much for the input-thanks again
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