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We have a new kitty!!

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For a couple of nights anyway

I caught my first feral tonight!!! The one we caught last week for our new TNR program at work somebody else took care of, but I'm looking after this girl.

We saw 2 small kitties hanging around, but the one we caught ended up being a decent sized tortie. She's in our downstairs toilet with a towel covering the cage just hanging out.

Our cats were hanging around when I was trying to get the food out of her cage, and she was hissing at me, but the kitties generally didn't care, and have left the toilet door alone. I saw Lily with her arm under the door before, but I think that's because she batted a mouse under there...

This girl will get spayed tomorrow morning, then stay at our place overnight, maybe longer if she's already pregnant.

I'm glad we got her - if she's not already pregnant she would be soon! Given the amount of other kitties I've seen around work we still have a fair few more to catch!

I'm so excited....
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good job i am sure many people would love to see some pics
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thats so great...congrats on ur catch thanx for helping these poor babies I cant wait to see photos
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Not sure if I'll take photos - she's pretty freaked as you can imagine and I'm trying to keep it dark and quiet. I'll see how she's doing tomorrow when she comes back "home" after surgery.
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That's great!!! I hope she settles down well. Torties are so cute!! <3
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yay for photos! i hope things go well
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for her surgery. The flash would probably really freak her out, so it's a good idea not to take pictures unless you can do without it.
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Great job! looks like your feral project is really coming a long nicely kudos to you!
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Good for you Sarah!!
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Well done- I'm sure all the posters on tcs think you are doing a great job and am sending vibes that the surgery goes well tomorrow
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