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Higher chance of bonding.

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My cat recently lost his sybling and we are looking for future companions. My question is, which of the following would have the higher likelihood of bonding with a male siamese that is 9 months old:

- Female Bengal - 9 months old and has a dominant attitude like our current cat.
- Male Bengal - 16 weeks old, runt of the litter and is lovable and playful.
- Female Bengal - 16 weeks old , largest in the litter and is lovable and plaful.

Any positive input is welcome, thank you!
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Well, I would definitely choose a girl, so there's less sense of competition. And if the older girl is a dominant personality, I'd stay away from her! I say go with the mellower female kitten...just be sure to introduce them gradually, and be extra-affectionate with your boy during the process, so he never feels he's being replaced.

We'd love to see pictures!
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I agree - a female with a less dominant personality, preferably the same age or younger, should work the best. Go with that 16 week old female bengal and yes, show those pics!!
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If your male is neutered, then he would bond faster with the young bengal male (also neutered). Most of my males welcomed another male in the house as a playmate. They also welcomed any females. However if your male had been a female she would accept another male faster then another female.

I would NOT get the dominate bengal female - I'd choose between the laid back, playful male or female bengal. Was the sibling a male or female of your siamese?
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I think it depends on the individual cats and their needs. My Wellington has been lonely since he lost his brother in October; my other cats, all girls, would not play with him in the same way. I have been thinking of adopting a young male who would roughhouse with him as he seemed to need. But a female kitten has adopted us by turning up one day, and they have become bosom pals in a very short time. He is so happy to have her around and they groom each other and sleep curled up. She trots after him everywhere. So it is difficult to say what is right.
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I agree with the female, laid back one.. And also felaway (this thats how its spelled) is great to help introduce the cats.. I used it when i got a male kitten and already had a female cat... Only took about 3 weeks for the female not to kill the male.
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Guessing I got lucky by getting sisters from the same litter then. I had no issues with introducing them, and they play and sleep intertwinded. It is soo cute.
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As requested, a photo of the male bengal - the female is pretty much the same:
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My goodness, Bengals are beautiful creatures. Thanks for sharing!
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I vote male bengal. Males just seem to bond better than a male/female pair.
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OMG I WANT I WANT!!! he's sooo cute.. i want a bangle soo bad but my g/f says no cuz we got 2 cats already
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