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2 Males fighting! Please help!

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Two of my cats, Rocky & Kurr- both males, not fixed, have begun fighting each other. Rocky just turned 2 years old & Kurr is 1 year old, give or take. Rocky is the dominate & the one beating up Kurr. I try to keep them seperated as much as possible, but I can only do so much. (They are outside cats) Rocky has begun spraying, but Kurr has not. I bring Kurr in the house often, but if he starts to spray like Rocky, I won't be able to do that anymore. My father wants me to give one away, but I love them too much to ever do that. I've had fighting male cats in the past which always resulted in one running the other off. I do not want this to happen again. If I get Kurr fixed will Rocky leave him alone? What if I get them both fixed; would that help?

What can I do? Please Help!!!!!
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Why do you have outside cats that are not fixed? I would have both of them neutered right away!!!
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My goodness, just those 2 cats could have helped to produce more than 100 unwanted kittens by now. Yes, they need to be neutered right away.
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I agree, they need to be neutered ASAP. That's one of the reasons they're fighting. And WHY on earth would you let an unneutered male outside to impregnate any and all females that aren't spayed? You are contributing to the cat overpopulation.
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i am in agreeance with Deb, Donna and Sandie.

if you want them to be outdoor cats, you have to have them
neutered, the cost for male cats really isnt that bad, and it's
the kind of responsiblity that comes with owning cats.

with the overpopulation of unwanted cats, do you really
want to contribute to the unnecissary sorrows
of their births met with no food, no water, no shelter, no loving families;

no chances really.

a trip to rainbow bridge before their lives even get started.

it's one of the saddest things, especially when other cat
owners knowningly let their cats, male & female outdoors
when they are not fixed. it's irresponsible and immoral.

i am not trying to attack you, i just hope you get them neutered
as soon as possible, i hope you see the importance
of that, and the responsibility you have as a cat owner/cat lover.

they are fighting because they have not been neutered, they
are territorial.

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