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The spay is on

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We leave here in the morning for Dynah's spay. Please keep us in your minds and hearts...man I hate surgery! Even if it is routine!
I'll report back when I hear something tomorrow (or after I bring her home).

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to you & {{{vibes}}} to Dinah!!
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I know how u feel I hate surgery's with kitties even if they r just routine but to u and ur family and Dynah, I am sending good vibes ur way for tomarrow
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Dynah will be back home and doing fine, in no time i am sure,
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Many to you! Your Dynah will be just fine~
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Well, I just called the vet. They said she was still too sleepy to be ready to come home by 6 so they're going to keep her for the night at no extra cost. They said she was a good girl and the surgery went fine.
I'd rather have her home, but at least she's safe (and sleeping with hotwaterbottles at the moment) and she made it through.
I think tonight is a pizza and movie night...I've had enough of stuff today! Chester is sucking up double time...I think he senses I'm nervous about something (that and dynah's missing).
I can go and get her after 8:30 tomorrow morning....I love ya tomorrow!
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I'm glad it went well!
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Well, we're home!!!!!
The vet tech went on about how she was STILL groggy and had slept most of the time she was there...then told me to put water in her wet food and if she stopped eating for 24+hours to bring her in. we talked about some other stuff too
She was brought into the waitingroom and immediately started mewing and putting her face up against the cage when I started talking to her. We had a ok ride home, and chester ran into the bedroom the minute he heard her mew. As soon as she was allowed out, she went straight to the food dish and has consumed a whole bowl, (about 1/2 cup) with assistance from chester of dry and about 1/8 of a can of wet, has had lots of water (and tipped the rest on the floor) and used the litter about 3 times in the last 2 hours. Now she's running around, almost like usual (a little sore in the back end) and currently pawing the back of my head from the windowsill. Groggy my buns!!! I think she may have been a bit homesick.
the stitches are discinigrating so I don't have to take her back, and the area looks well taken care of. I'm so happy it's turned out this well..the cranky receptionist wasn't even there today
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