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Tiki is biting more than ever!! Help!!

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Tiki is my one year old SIberian kittie. He plays around and bites a bit...and when we are petting him and he gets annoyed he will bite to let us know to leave him alone. First of all, is this normal??

Lately though, when my husband is just sitting there not even paying attention or petting Tiki he will just lunge and bite his arm! HARD!! He doesnt do this to me though. Any idea what his problem might be??? Also, how can I correct this behavior?? Please, my hubby is getting very frustrated!!!
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If he's neutered and you never encouraged rough play as a kitten then maybe he's directing the rough play and dominate type behavior at you and your husband that would be normal between cats.
I've never dealt with a one year old doing this, but when kittens are smaller I stop their attempt to bite by putting them down, redirecting them to a toy, or just refusing to hold and pet them till they behave.
Maybe the sudden biting is somehow triggered by body language or tone of voice? I'm not sure if hissing at him when he does that would work or not, some cats may take it as a challenge.

Maybe someone else will come up with some suggestions. But it does honestly sound that at his age he's just getting a bit of an ego and thinks he's dominate cat.
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Our Dylan is a very dominant personality, too, and when he was the only cat in the house, he had only US to dominate -- which he did through exactly the behavior you describe.

For us, the solution was a second kitty! We adopted a girl slightly younger than he was, with a very sweet, mellow personality. He immediately turned his attention to dominating her instead of us.

Of course, she's really just letting him think he's in charge. A very smart girl. :-)
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I had the same problem with my male cat. Jumpy use to bite me when I pet him. I think he just wasn't in the mood to be touched so I learned. Sometimes during rough play, he will bite me so I just use my firm "NO!" tone and ignores him for a while until he comes up to me.

I never had a problem with any of my cats suddenly bite me for no reason. I know for a fact that Jumpy dominates my Daisy so maybe that's why he doesn't do that to us. I think cats are pretty smart that they know who put food in their tummies. When my boyfriend gets irritated with noises they make running around the house, he raises his voice, and the dominate one will run and hide next to me. I guess he is a big chicken after all.

I think your husband needs to let your cat know what he is doing is not okay. Try time out?
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