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This has certainly been a very sad month for my DH's family

My inlaws had to put their beloved German Shephard Mocha to rest today.

She became ill very suddenly and it was determined that she was in the final stages of cancer. My MIL and FIL loved her very much but they could see that she was suffering and couldn't ask her to stay any longer.

Rest in peace Mocha
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I am so sorry to hear that, please tell your in-laws for me.

I am also sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for them, I know that Mocha is playing over at the Bridge and she is healthy now. I also think that my beloved Sambo is playing with her too.

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Oh no, sending many prayers to the family RIP Mocha
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Your poor MIL & FIL! to them, they did the kindest thing possible.

Play happily over the rainbow bridge Mocha!
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Rest in peace Mocha. I have a special place in my heart for German Shepherds because we have one.
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I am so very sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with them. rest in peace, sweet Mocha. I have come to love gsds!
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oh my thats really sad, I am sending my thoughts & prayers to your MIL&FIL

RIP Sweet Mocha, find my RB dog Roger - hes half German Shep, he would love to meet you and you can have lots of doggie fun - dont tease the kitties too much
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Tracy i'm so sorry

Have a wonderful time over at the bridge Mocha, but remember to be gentle giant with the kitties

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Rest in Peace Mocha

Please help keep an eye on all the kitties over the bridge! You will make a wonderful friend for them.
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Prayers for you and your family. Rest in peace Mocha.
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RIP sweet Mocha dog. Look for a big guy named Wolfgang, he'll share some cheese snacks with you, I'm sure.
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RIP Mocha
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Rest in Peace Mocha
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Awww Tracy I am so sorry to hear this...Rest in Peace sweet Mocha
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Please extend my thoughts to your family on their loss of Mocha.
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How sad. RIP sweet Mocha.
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Poor sweet Mocha - play happily over the bridge with all of the other doggies and kitties!
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I'm so sorry to hear this.

RIP Mocha
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