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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I'm not really a believer - if they were truly psychic they would be rich and wouldn't need my money.

I have been to a couple over the years - more for entertainment value with friends. Their info is pretty generic so we mortals tend to twist what they say into things that happen in our day-to-day lives and interpret it in the way they have subconsciously directed us. That's my feeling on them anyway. It's one way to earn a living I suppose, like selling snake oil.

Actually Yosemite many believe it's a gift and shouldn't be used for monetary gain. While others just are not that good to predict lottery tickets, etc..

I personally believe that if the Lord & Lady wished I were Rich I would be. No amount of Psychic ability is going to change their will.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I'm not sure I'd want a reading... too much like invading personal space. I wouldn't mind chatting with one (a real one that is) about some of the odd things I can do/know that I shouldn't and weird stuff I've went through, maybe just to know I'm not losing my mind.

As for a person not being rich from it, it's like any other personal skill, maybe even less reliable at that. Some of us may be very good at certain things but it's not made us rich. Me, I can draw anything if I put my mind to it Have I made money from it? Very little.
If you want to chat about the "wierd stuff" you can pm me. It won't be a reading, but being that I'm wiccan I've experience a lot of what people would call "wierd".
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I've never been to one but have heard stories from those who have. I've always wanted to go myself but the opportunity just never arose.

I would also like to see that guy who says that he communicates with dead people. Not because I expect to hear from anyone but because I think it's so interesting.
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A couple of times. They all give pretty "generalized" predictions and they are trained to observe body language and eye movement. You can tell a great deal about someone by the way they carry themselves, the way they sit, the facial expressions, how their eyes move when they are talking or listening. If they pick up on a sign from you through your eyes, face or body language, they will go in that direction.

Also, be careful. Some of these people are con artists who will suck you back in again and again for more readings because they were "so bang on" with what they told you. Remember, what they told you were generalized educated guesses steared by your very own body language signals and nothing more. When you go consider it entertainment and don't put any faith in accuracy. No one has a crystal ball that works and none of us can predict the future.
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No- i've never been. At this point in time i don't plan to go. I don't want someone 'predicting' my future- i'll leave that to God / Aside from that, while i do believe some people have special gifts, i think a lot of others pretend to have that gift also when they do not and try to make money off of people with falsities. i don't want to get ripped off.
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