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a few shots of my little girl Bella out in the sun on the patio.....

and in bed ready to get some shut-eye.....

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Ooh i love that second pic! WHat gorgeous eyes
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Shes too purrty!!
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She looks like a little angel sleeping!
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o my she is such a cutie, soo soo gorgeous
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awww..she is an adorable girl - those eyes are way too mesmerising
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
WHat gorgeous eyes
Thanks! Believe it or not, her eyes are NOT as vividly blue as they were when she was a kitten. I wish they had stayed that way.
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Awwww... Just saw this thread after complaining that there were not enough pictures of Bella
She's really cute
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Oh Bella you´re as your name is!...BELLA!......
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