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rabies vax, need opinions

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As some of you may know, Dynah is going in for a spay, microchip and final kitten boosters with first rabies tomorrow. This is a new vet, since I'm new to the area, which doesn't help with my nerves, although I'm told they're very good.
I've asked 2 of the receptionists and they can't give me an answer regardnig the rabies vax which they give there. There is some chance, however that they only give adjuvanted rabies vacinations, since the answer both have given me were "we have 1 and 3 years" and didn't understand what a sarcoma was. Ok, they're receptionists, I get that it isnt their job to know about pet care...soooo
Tomorrow when I bring her in, I am to speak with the vet (under recomendation of the receptionist) about the shot.
Here's the question:
If they don't have non-adjuvanted rabies vacinations, do I spend the extra $60 plus shot and take her to another vet to have that one specially done?
Do I have it done, specifiy in the leg and make sure she gets her boosters back home where I know they have purevax?
Is there a difference in terms of saftey for the one year verses the 3 year?

It's probably just nerves, but I really want her to be safe.
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One year is safer in regards to the lumps( not sure if cancer is the word) that can result ... Make sure either shot is given in the leg

my vet gives the three yr she says the % was not enough to make her want to give more overall vax to the cats ...
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yes? so you don't go out of your way to get the purevax? Should I really be that concerned?
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I think my vet uses that one but no I dont go out of my way ... My vet and I had a few talks about vax and I am comfortable listening to her
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I know it sounds silly, but I trust your well trusted vet over my brand new one, even if their opinions are the same.
So if I have the option between a regular 1 year and 3 year, I suppose I get the three... certainly less concern.
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Basically I wanted the one and my vet explained YES there si a bit more of a change of sacormas with the three yr shot but she said it is like 2% ( thus minimal risk) so I got both girls the three yr rabies shot)
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I looked online and can't find any numerical comparisons between purevax and 1 or 3 year regulars...hopefully it isn't a big difference.
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My vet won't give the 3 yr. shot - she says it's too much for a single vaccination. I just don't know.
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