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boarding stoli and luxor

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stoli and luxor are going to be staying at a boarding facility in june when anthony and i go to vegas. we visited the facility today here are some pics from their site.....

we decided that we felt safer knowing that they would be cared for 24/7 and that they wouldn't get outside when someone came in.

i wish i didn't have to go but then again i can't NOT take a vacation!

their site is

i just hope i'm making a good decision.

p.s. i don't free feed stoli and luxor so their foot wouldn't be going on the same place as their litter box....
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so either this place looks ok or no one wants to mention that they wouldn't put their neighbors cat here
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Well it looks a very clean and interesting place for cats to be

Do they let cats mix with other cats then ? how do you think this will work for yours ?
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oopss just checked the web and NO they dont let cats mingle

as long as they are allowed some good play time much time, I cant see it mentioned on the web.............then at least you know they are safe, warm, entertained and obvioulsy fed.
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My cats go to a boarding cattery regularly and are fine there.

Not quite sure what that picture's of? Do they all go into the large area with the toys? Or would that be for just your cats? The kind mine go to just has a pen for each cat (or larger ones for 2 cats sharing) which are smaller than the room in those pics but much bigger than the pens in the pics.
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It does look nice and clean, but I think those kennels are quite small.
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the kennels are 3x3x4 and stoli and luxor would be sharing two kennels with a door in between

they don't let the cats mingle but the play area is for all cats when they come out to play. the site is where they work all day and they just take turns letting cats out/disinfecting etc. while i was there there was this cute cat exploring for the whole hour i was there.
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I think it sounds like a nice place! I wish they had boarding facilities like that here in the boonies!
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How long will they be spending in the kennels? To me they look far too small. I wouldn't want to put my boys in anything that small for more than an hour a day, and tbh wouldn't be happy about it at all. They're not used to that kind of confinement.

If there are going to be other cats there at the same time make sure the kennels are far enough apart to provide a sneeze barrier and that the room is well ventilated.
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There is a kitty hotel near me that I may use some-day. What appealed to me about it is that the proprieter is total cat lady. She just loves cats (also runs a rescue). Anyhow, the "rooms" there are about the size of a small closet and have several perches in them. If you want to pay a lot more, she offers a bigger room (really for 2 or more cats) with a view of the "lobby". Anyhow, I am sure anywhere you take them will be stressful but at least you know they will be safe and their needs will be met. They will survive and so will you.
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urbantigers - if you stand a loveseat up on it's arm it's about the size of the kennels. like i mentioned - 3x3x4 but stoli and luxor would have two of them

i think this may be my best option as of right now. i'll keep looking at boarding places but so far this is the cleanest, calmest, caring place i've found around here

so - 72 cubic feet for stoli and luxor to be safe in.
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How long are you going to be gone for?

It looks nice but personally I would never board my cats.
I'd much rather have them at home in their own familiar environment than turning their entire world upside down. I know that's how they would feel. Luckily I have trustworthy people that would check in on them but I would go as far as to hire a (stranger) pet sitter rather than board them.
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i'm going to be gone for a week. i don't feel that i have any trustworthy neighbors - not that they wouldn't show up - but just that they wouldn't be able to tell if my cats are sick and my door opens to the outside. i would be scared out of my wits that they would get out.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
urbantigers - if you stand a loveseat up on it's arm it's about the size of the kennels. like i mentioned - 3x3x4 but stoli and luxor would have two of them
There doesn't look like there's much room in there for exercise so it depends on how much time they're allowed in the larger area. The kennels my boys have at their cattery aren't huge but they are considerably bigger than that with lots of room for me to take cat trees, beds etc from home.

My other concern would be the potential for spreading disease as the kennels look quite close together. They should be at least 0.6 meters apart to prevent airborne diseases being spread. I'd also be worried about them sharing the large area, even if cats from different households aren't allowed in there together, for the same reason. I know my cats would probably be nervous going into a large area where they could smell other cats too so although it looks like a fun play area I wouldn't be keen on my cats being allowed in there. The kennels look as though they have carpet in them too - not easy to disinfect.

On the plus side it looks clean and the toys indicate they've thought about cats' needs for play and exercise.

When it comes to choosing a cattery gut instinct counts for a lot - apart from the cleanliness and hygiene etc. the main reason I chose the cattery I use was because I immediately bonded with the owners and felt they were cat people who would look after my boys well. If you got a good feeling about this place when you visited I would trust that feeling.
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i definitely have a good feeling about the owners and this place. they have good references with some local vets (i've checked them out) and they showed me some documentation that they've only taken a cat to they vet while boarded once in 3.5 years and that was due to neglect on the cat owner's part. i know that if it was my cattery i would do things differently - things like you said about larger kennels, more space in between, etc.

i feel confident that they will contact me at the first sign of illness and confident that they will carefully and diligently seek out appropriate veterinary assistance with my local vet. they live on the floor below and work all day in the kennels. i have asked them (called them again - they're gonna think I'm crazy) exactly how much time stoli and luxor will get to play outside of the kennels......

'we divide the time equally among our 'guests' . . .5 cats into 6am to 9pm, that's three hours of play time - not all at once either two or three trips outside of the kennels. kittens will get more play time - which will be stoli and luxor. they also said that because stoli and luxor each get 'play time' their three hours would become six if you know what i mean?

We asked what their average number of cats they kennel on the week we are gone and they're response was 'this is a week we don't normally have guests as school's are just getting out and most families are not leaving for vacation until the week of the fourth of july'.....SOOOOOOOO, best case scenario - they are the only guests, worst case scenario, there will be 2/3 other cats there.

i just wish i had another entry way on my condo so the door didn't open to the outside, it sure would cost less and i know that my kitties would be at their home but i just don't trust anyone to be able to come to my house and do the "stoluxor-balance"* without letting a cat out. plus they are just so nervous when people come over you just never know.....

*stoluxor-balance: n. the act of balancing multiple packages or parcels with a limb/s of the body in addition to pulling a door closed while simultaneously opening another door
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