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stoli/luxor food update

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hi everyone

i just bought a small bag of nature's variety raw chicken medallions to try with stoli and luxor in a week or so. stoli has a vet appointment on friday to check his blood levels. i don't want to change anything of his before then.

luxor is on natural balance venison and pea for his allergies and it seems to be working. he is still itching but not as much and his poop is much more solid. with everything i've read - raw seems to be a really healthy way to go if your kitto's will stomach it. i think i'll start with a medallion split between the two of them to just see if they will eat it and keep it down. and use it as a treat or a meal of two until i get used to the raw food itself and i begin to see a difference in luxor's itching.

luxor definitely will not have anything with grain in it ever again. stoli seems to be ok with what ever is put in front of him. i want what's best for my babies and if raw is a great way to go then i'll start down that road.

i feel so bad that luxor still itches. i just wish i could find some miracle food that would get him to completely stop scratching....

it couldn't be my hand/body lotion could it? it's all natural - literally.
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For Damita's itching despite allergy food, the vet tech told me I could give her Benadryl. I never actually did, but you could discuss it with your vet!

You can check out my thread "Convincing Damita to eat raw" for some ideas. I have a whole bunch of links to info regarding raw feeding as well. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to switch a cat to raw food! Feel free to PM, too....we can go through this together!

ETA: Here's the direct link to the thread I was talking about! http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=115205
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Good luck ... i too have done this and mine decided raw is best ...lol...
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i just want what's best for my kitties and something that is going to get luxor to stop itching!
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Sounds like things may be on the upswing? Glad to hear it! Many things are natural but not good to all or some. Arsenic is natural, (that's a bit of a dramatic example but.... ) Tea tree oil is natural but deadly to cats. I suppose there are many things in lotions that a cat could be sensitive to. Wouldn't hurt to stop using it and see how your kitty reacts.
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i'll go get the container and post the ingredients; i hope this isn't the case because i use this stuff for my own dry skin!!!!!!
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