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Mixing Brands of Food, & Amount to feed?

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Ok, I have two questions for you guys.

1. Is it ok to mix different brands of foods? I was originally going to feed two of my cats (a 3yr. old, and 3-4 month old) strictly Innova Evo, but it didn't seem to agree with them. So instead of wasting it (I made the mistake of buying 15lbs. of it ), I decided I'd try mixing it with another brand to see if they'd do ok with it in smaller quantities. So I got Chicken Soup, and Eagle Pack Holistic, and mixed those in equal quantities in with the Evo. They really seem to love this mix, but I'm just wondering if it's ok to do this? I checked the ingrediants, and the Eagle Pack & Chicken Soup seem very close, the Evo is the only one with a big difference. When the rest of the food is gone, think I should stick with just one brand, or what?

2. I recently added wet food to both of their diets at night. My 3yr. old weighs about 14-15lbs. He's a BIG cat, but not overweight or anything. I currently give him 1/3 cup of the mix in the AM, and have been giving him 3oz. cans of Nutro at night. He definitely is enjoying it! Today I gave him a 5oz. can of Chicken Soup Light, and he enjoyed that as well, but it just seems like ALOT of food. I'd like to maintain his weight, so is this system ok? Or should I give him just half of the 5oz. Chicken Soup can when he gets that?
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1. I don't believe there's anything wrong with mixing brands. If they do well with the mix you are using, there's no reason to change.

2. Wet food is very good for cats. IMO it would be better to reduce the dry to avoid overfeeding, and let him have the whole 5.5 oz. can if he likes it.
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No your mixing high quality foods should be no issues ...

Wet is better ... and general all wet feeding rule 1 ounce of wet per lb ... wet and dry is a bit different,...

ie 10 lb kitty 1/2 cup dry and one 3-5/5 oz can should be a days worth on ave
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Can't answer about the wet food, since I have 2 that thumb their noses at wet, 1 that licks the gravy and sometimes actually eats some, and 1 that would knock you over to get to her wet food!

As far as mixing, if they are doing well on the mix, like it, and you don't mind making it - go for it! I mix Royal Canin Special 33 and Eukanuba Chicken & Rice (they adore the flavor of the Eukanuba, and I prefer the ingredients in the Royal Canin), and add Authority Kitten for the little girls (that's what Mojo was being fed in the shelter/Petsmart). Mojo and Ginger both eat out of the bowl that has the Kitten food, but Trent and Ophelia don't.
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