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Trapping Vibes PLEASE

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All, please say a prayer for my trapping efforts
tonight of the sweet grey feral girl down my

She escaped during the ice storm 10 days ago and
has lived in the sewers by my house since. She came
ONCE on my deck stairs before the ice storm but
was scared away. (At least she knew my house/yard

Last night after no sightings
for a few days, she
was sighted last night at 8 pm coming to

I have left the carrier near the sewer I knew she went down,
and she's come bless her heart to eat there. I am sure
she comes every night, but not exactly when. Plus I have
coons and possum and skunk here, so even they might have
eatn .. though probably not near the cars - I have thought
it was little grey eating now I'm sure...

I've left kitty milk, broth, ktten chow beans and wet food for her.

Last night I finally set up the trap - it was iced to my
deck and could not be pried out till now.

Also, it has been really hard with the ice not out of
the parking lots and footing being treacherous
not to mention hard at night to trap.

I put plastic down beneath the trap,
used towels on top, and lined the inside with
a bath mat that had rubber bottom (to keep warm if
she got in there and I didn't check it fast enough).

Nothing came last night, but tonight we hope she'll
come out again. I've got my neighbor setting and baiting
(lots of experience on her part with this) the trap, since
I am working. She's starting at 5 pm, and checking
hourly. I work till 9:30 pm and will be home then,
and will check till 12 ...

we PRAY we catch her, please pray
with us?

Send your thoughts, wishes and good prayers my way for
a sucessful trapping of the sweet little gray one. The vet
adoption program will TAKE her and find home, since they
are no full right now. So, please, please, please pray??

PS. And the black and white kitty is very close to finding
a home, LOL

Thanks you all!!!
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Good luck with the little gray kitty. I hope you can catch her soon!
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