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Putting the cats "to bed" at night?

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We're seriously considering getting two cats soon. Having just recently had a cat who had the run of the house, we think we may want to confine the cats to a room at night. My 90 year-old mother lives with us and sometimes gets up during the night. I don't want her tripping over the cats in the semi-darkness or have them slip into her room when the door is open. We have a bedroom that can be "theirs". Does anyone do this? The room would have their litter box, food and water. Since that room is upstairs, would it be too confusing to have a second litter box downstairs too?
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I don't think it would be confusing to have a second litter box downstairs.
However, you may want to be prepared for a lot of scratching and whining at night. They will want to get out of the bedroom, at least the one who is used to having run of the whole house.
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We'll be adopting two cats who are used to being in a small room - probably together or with another cat(s). I knew I couldn't confine my former cat to one room at night (although we did when he was so sick, but by then he didn't know what was going on.) The volunteer showing me around the shelter the other day says that her cats stay in a bedroom at night. I'd never heard of this, but it would be easier to bring cats into the house, knowing my Mom won't have to look for them in the middle of the night. I think she'd be OK during daylight hours to keep an eye open for them.
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Oh, I see. If they are used to it then it might work out well.
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Ok so we have 6 cats and well midnight is more downstairs in the basement and willie has the whole run of the house at night we do have to confine midnight because he likes to pick on willie, also Bella and Stormie share my room at night which has their litterbox and food in it, also Tessa and Blue share my mothers room which has a litterbox and food in it as well for bedtime, and I dont think urs would get confused with the litterbox upstairs and downstairs we have 1 downstairs which everyone uses and the ones in my room and my moms room, and there is also one in the basement which they use as well u just gotta make sure they no where the litterbox's are!! But our cats always have dry food left out which they find in my room, my moms room, and on the breakfeast nook in between the dining room and kitchen and well they all eat from downstairs but when we go to put them in their rooms we usually give them wet food, so they eat in the morning cause my mom also confines them when she is at work, and then again at bedtime! and well Blue also dinner time sometimes too for Blue because she just keeps getting on the table to steal everyones food so she is confined then too !! Mine our as well but they are used to going in my room because I just pick them up and its usually time to refill their dry food dishes but usually they will get used to being confined at those times!! Stormie only cries usually when she hears the other kitties are out and she wants to go play but seeing how u are getting 2 and they are sharing the room together I dont see nothing wrong with this try feeding them when u confine them in the other room but for the litterbox's they wont be confused at all !!!
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Our cats have always slept in "the cat room" and they don't make a fuss about it.
They have food, litter boxes, toys, cat trees etc. They go to bed at pretty much the same time each night, they get dinner then it's goodnight
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Im like Missymotus.
when we first took Stewie in he was only two weeks old...we kept him in the spare bedroom since we called it the "safe zone" (although the snakes were in ther ...yikes". It has a litter box. food/water toys and his favorite blanket.
Our other cat mikey has the run of the house but spends most of the night in bed with me curled up snuggeln'.

Our stewie is a mad man and destroys the house and likes to come on our bed and wake us up at all hours so at night he does go into his room. at first he scrathces but that only because he can hear us talking and getting settled and he wants to be out there with us. then he settles down for the night. we keep a fan on because every now and then he gets up at 4am and scrathes to be let out...uhh no way...he's gotta wait till 6:30am.

Its not a bad deal. my mom does it with her 3 cats. the girls have a litter box in the bathroom on the top floor and then one in the basement. In the basement they go at night. Heck its like a mini house down there...they've got there own place
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My three cats sleep in the garage (no cars, it's really just a storage area). That way they can't wake us up at night or get into trouble. They have food, water, litter boxes, comfy beds and a scratching pad. It did take a while to get them used to it, but now they go in the garage willingly. It helps to give a special treat that they only get in that room at bedtime.
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I don't see much wrong with keeping them in their own room provided there isn't anything punishment-like about it.

But, cats get out of the way. Unless your mother is the fastest 90-year-old woman in history, chances are they'll move out of her way and she won't hardly get a chance to step on them. It is kinda worrisome that she may trip on one, but put in plenty of nightlights and you'll probably find locking them up to be unnecessary, especially if your mom enjoys their company.
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I think that's a great idea. And don't worry about 2 litter pans - they are smart enough to know where they are and use them. No reason they can't be confined to a room at nite and run during the day.
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I want to offer a different view on the idea that the cats will get out of your mom's way...

My father is 85 and prone to falling, and we're having to move Abby out of his room because she snuggles and rubs and figure-eights around his feet every time he gets up to walk. She can get out of the way, of course -- but she doesn't choose to.

Knowing how fragile 90-year-old bones can be, I would encourage you to do just what you have in mind -- keep the cats away from your mom's travel paths at night.
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Figure-eights! That's exactly what our last cat did! And he seemed to choose people in black pants to rub up against! (he was an orange tabby!)

So, I think we'll be able to confine them in a luxury suite at night. Thanks for the input.
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We trained our girls out of being nocturnal at night. Well it just happened and I love it. They have sleeping spots on our bed, and they let us know when it's bed time. We lock them in the room (literally, because they've learned how to open unlocked doors) and they sleep all night. They get really lovey dovey by around noon if we're not up yet. But it's been working wonderfully.
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I'll join in playing Devil's Advocate on the "cats get out of your way" statement.

Maverick deliberately tries to trip people near stairs. Penelope will do the figure-eights around just about anyone. My mother's cat also is a tripper.

My grandmother has a heck of a time with them although I know she adores them, she fears to walk about as they get so excited when people "change rooms" so its normal for you to be worried about them getting in her way. I do find my babies are more calm in the evening though.

And - yes - don't cats have a magnet towards people in black?
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Originally Posted by Nellers View Post
...And - yes - don't cats have a magnet towards people in black?

Only white cats. The black ones are calibrated toward people in white.
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