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Krazy Kitty !!!!!!Part 2

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ok i posted a while back about my kitty goin KRAZY
Well know its even worse
he has about 15 toys along with other stuff
i play with him for like 15-45mins a day
But now he starts sinking his teeth in my neck,head arms fingers everywhere
Trust me on the neck it hurts and i bleed everytime
What can i do he also knocks over everything

It hurts so badly and then sometimes he scratch really badly(i'v had a scar for a month now and it still not fading)
When the legs get into action it hurts really bad
All i do is hiss or slam the wooden floor
It works for 5 secs

Need help asap
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Hi, can't find your other posting, and don't remember how old your cat is, whether you've been playing 'rough' with him (stimulating him to return the favor), whether he's been neutered (yet) or what. If you play games with toys, does he ignore them and really go for you, or just kind of lose sight of where the toys end and you begin? If you play sort of chasing him and encouraging him to chase you, you will have to take the consequences. Have you considered getting another (male) friend for him, about the same age? His craziness will be seriously side-tracked by the other cat, but they'll be equals (like my two) and the other cat will be able to give back whatever yours dishes our (so long as you do get another one who seems frisky and brave, rather than one who hides in a corner and doesn't play. AND you can call an expert - Joanne - at (773) 267-7209 and ask her what to do. Good luck.
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no i didn't tease him or chase him
getting another cat is not an option
my mum would't let me just yet
and hes only 3 months old so cant get neutered yet
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Originally Posted by raju View Post
no i didn't tease him or chase him
getting another cat is not an option
my mum would't let me just yet
and hes only 3 months old so cant get neutered yet
Awwww... I'm sure he just wants to play
When he does this say 'NO' in a firm voice and try to distract him with a toy- if he continues blow on his nose. Once he is neutered he will settle down imho- Radar was like this and he is really a lot more gentle having been for the operation...

Sorry that I seem unable to give better advice but I'm sure many more posters will be along soon, give him lots of cuddles from his friends at tcs
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When Singa got too rough I would 'meow' a loud 'Owwwwwww.....' and stop all playing. I think it is sort of their language when they 'play' amongst eachother. Little Soleil stops then and starts again a while after. It doesn't hurt too much yet, but I hope she'll soon get the message
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At 3 months old he's just being a normal kitten wanting to play all the time. Even though he'll probably grow out of the aggression it's best to deter it by hissing, blowing in his face and withdrawing attention when he's aggressive. He sees you as his litter mate and doesn't understand you dont have a furry coat to protect you from bites and scratches. You could also try time out - I did that with Mosi and it worked very well. Do you have a small room - eg a bathroom - where you could put him for a few minutes when he's aggressive and guarantee another member of the family wont go in there? If you do it would be worth trying. If he bites you on the neck, for example, just calmly pick him up without talking to him or making eye contact and place him in the bathroom for a few minutes (as he's so little I'd just do it for about 3 minutes - I did one minute for every month of Mosi's age). Then after 3 minutes let him out and continue playing with him as though nothing had happened. It might not work but Mosi definitely linked the time out with the behaviour beforehand and would stop doing the naughty behaviour.

Try to play with him as much as you can - when Mosi was 3 months old I spent hours each day playing with him and trying to tire him out. I still spend most of each evening playing with him. Also try to rotate the toys as cats can get bored if they have the same toys each day. Put some away then in a day or 2 swap them around and see if that helps. Otherwise I think you'll just have to be patient until he grows up. I'm covered in scars from scratches and Mosi even got me in the eye one time so that I had to go to Accident and Emergency. He was just playing though and is a bit calmer now (but not a lot! )
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I was initially kind of afraid of my male kitten when I first found him. He would bite me or scratch me so I got a lot of scars on me. I just say a firm "NO!" and ignores him for a while. After a while, he got the idea in linking my loud voice to his naughty behavior. I think after he got neutered, he became a bit mellow. One time my two kittens were running around and one jumped on my face as I was laying down on the sofa and slightly scratched my face (thank goodness no scars). I got up and said "NO!!!" and the two just froze. I think they know they were in trouble.

I think you just need to be persistant and once your kitten matures, he will know. If you are going to do the time out, you got to take him to the time out room immediately; otherwise, he might think your still playing with him. They have a very short attention span, especially a 3-month kitten who is still developing.

Good luck!
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